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California Youth Connection Turns 30: Three Decades of Foster Youth Leading the Way

Three decades ago, a group of foster youth who wanted to drive like average teenagers came together to fight for the right to obtain driver’s licenses.  When these teens founded California Youth Connection in 1988, it was the only foster care advocacy organization led by youth themselves. 


Report: Foster Youth Organizing Provides Community and Healing Opportunities Amidst the Political Advocacy

A new report from Foster Youth in Action identifies youth organizing as one of the strongest and most beneficial tools for engaging foster youth, calling on philanthropies and community organizations to support more youth-led political organizing opportunities for current and former foster youth.


Former Foster Youth Take Politics Into Their Own Hands: Estakio Beltran

This story is the first part of a series about former foster youth who are now working to change policy. The second part can be seen here.  Estakio Beltran grew up in foster care, moving between more than a dozen placements, four different high schools, and many different towns in Washington state’s Yakima Valley.


Youth Advocating for Abolishing Mental Health Stigma

Youth Advocating for Abolishing Mental Health Stigma by ChronicleofSocialChange   For children suffering from mental health problems, having to constantly battle the stigma attached to such diseases can be an overwhelming fight.


Child Welfare League of America Sheds Pension Plan

The Child Welfare League of America, a 94-year old membership organization representing public and private child welfare agencies, took a major step toward survival when a federal agency agreed to terminate the organization’s pension plan.