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Senate Bill May Require Legal Counsel for Parents, Children in Child Welfare Cases

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions approved a bill that could provide the first federal requirement of legal counsel to parents and children in child welfare cases, though there appeared to be some discussion of further negotiations on that before a vote of the full Senate.

Ohio counties say they need state money to comply with a requirement to pay its kinship caregivers a higher rate.


Ohio Counties Plead for State Funds to Boost Kinship Caregivers’ Pay

A federal judge has been trying for years to get Ohio to pay kinship caregivers their due under federal law, but counties say there’s not enough money from the state to make it feasible.

A three decade court battle over Washington, D.C.'s Child and Family Services Agency was settled.


Washington, D.C., Finally Exits Decades-Long Court Battle Over Foster Care

On June 1, a federal judge issued final approval for a settlement in a decades-old case to improve the experience of foster children in the nation's capital.

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President Joe Biden's first proposed budget would put millions toward things like alternatives to youth incarceration.


Biden’s First Proposed Budget Puts Millions Toward Alternatives to Youth Incarceration, Equity in Child Welfare

Youth Services Insider will delve further into the first budget proposed by President Joe Biden in the coming weeks, but wanted to list off a few notable items that jumped off the page from child welfare and juvenile justice.

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Leading legal advocacy group Children's Rights is shifting its focus to disrupt institutional racism.


Leading Child Welfare Litigation Group Pledges to Join Growing Fight Over ‘Most Urgent Civil Rights Battle of Our Time’

One of the nation’s leading legal advocacy groups for children recently embraced a new agenda, pledging to disrupt “institutional racism and its effects on the child welfare system.”

Kinship care has become more common in Minnesota, while child maltreatment rates seem to have stayed the same.


Minnesota Foster Children Are No Less Safe in Kinship Homes, and Benefits Abound

Despite the high-profile death of a Minnesota toddler placed with family friend, research shows kinship care placements are generally safe for children, and can minimize their trauma.


House Close to Barring Discrimination Against LGBTQ Foster Youth and Parents

Continuing a decade-long effort, members of Congress are rallying to prohibit federally-funded foster care agencies from discriminating against prospective parents, and to protect LGBTQ foster youth from abusive "conversion therapy."

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For Child Welfare Systems, One Simple Key to Community Engagement: Ask, Then Listen

As a part of their efforts to engage families, many child welfare agencies sponsor community events. These happenings are designed to build social capital, to provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to meet each other and to create a network of supportive relationships. 

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National Youth Mentoring Organization Receives $6 Million Gift

A philanthropic gift of $6 million should mean a significant bump in the number of kids who will benefit from one-on-one adult mentoring through Friends of the Children.