Do Not Diminish the Importance of Small Beginnings

Paul DiLorenzo laments that fact that tremendous community innovations in child welfare is not a focal point of efforts to reform the system


Hidden Foster Care: All of The Responsibility, None of The Resources

Outside of the traditional foster care system exists a shadow system of potentially hundreds of thousands of children removed by CPS to their relatives or family friends—without a court case, monetary support, or due process.


Colorado Suddenly Closed Youth Services Center Amid Ongoing Complaints

Colorado closed a private residential center for youth with behavioral problems in the wake of ongoing allegations of licensing violations.


New York To Tap Federal Funds For Parents and Kids Legal Costs in Child Welfare Cases

New York state officials have released a plan to draw on newly available federal funds for attorneys handling abuse and neglect cases.


California Bans Out-of-State Treatment Programs After Reporters Investigate Abuse

California has banned the practice of sending foster youth and teens charged with crimes to faraway residential treatment programs, following an investigation by The Imprint.

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Mischaela Durán


ACF Veteran Mishaela Durán Named President of the Forum for Youth Investment

A Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit with a goal to prepare youth for success in college, work and life before age 21 will have a deeply experienced new leader come September: Mishaela Durán.

Youth Services Insider


Former Children’s Bureau Head To Work on Child Welfare ‘Replacement’

The duo who ushered in new legal support for system-involved families during the Trump administration are spearheading a new venture to work with governments interested in a complete overhaul of the child welfare status quo.


Massachusetts Commission Declines to Recommend Expansion of Mandated Reporters

The Mandated Reporter Commission in Massachusetts has failed to settle on a path forward on recommendations for expanding mandated reporting.


Alphabet Soup: A Simple Serving of Complex Concepts In Child Welfare

The world of child welfare includes policy language that is chock full of cryptic jargon and shorthand that is key to understanding how the system works, but difficult to learn and remember. So The Imprint has worked with Mary Bissel, a veteran of child welfare policy and partner at Child Focus, to help make it a little easier.