Assembly member Andrew Hevesi trauma


Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi Zeroes in on Preventing Childhood Trauma
Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is shifting his focus towards preventing early trauma that can compound into a multitude of lifelong problems.


We are Overdue for a Revolution in Child Welfare

Although child welfare reform has been a topic of conversation for many years, what is often meant by “reform” is evolutionary or incremental change, which are efforts to make the current system better, but not fundamentally different.

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Biden Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Leaders: Some Logical Candidates
President-Elect Joe Biden and First Lady-to-Be Jill Biden. Photo: Facebook

Team Biden has already started to fill in White House leadership amidst what promises to be the most awkward transition in modern history.

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Biden Should Keep Jerry Milner at Children’s Bureau

The election of former Vice President Joe Biden provides an opportunity to end the war against poor families waged by the Trump administration. President Trump sought to deny millions of Americans – including children – health care, food stamps and cash assistance.


Second Black Senator in Washington History Rose From Youth Homelessness
T’wina Nobles will soon be sworn in as the second Black senator in the history of the Washington legislature. Photo courtesy of Nobles

Washington’s newest state senator-elect from the 28th District defies one troubling statistic after another: T’wina Nobles will become the only Black member of the Senate and the first to be elected to the Legislature in a decade.

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The Biden Transition Team: Key Players on Family and Justice
President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. Photo courtesy of Facebook

President-Elect Joe Biden has kicked off what might be a bit of a fraught transition by naming hundreds of people to his agency review teams, which are generally responsible for getting a bead on operations across the sprawling federal bureaucracy and developing a “Day One” agenda for the administration. 


Dave Cortese Wins California State Senate Race to Replace Key Child Welfare Legislator
Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese is the new state Senator for Silicon Valley’s Senate District 15. Photo: Santa Clara County

Dave Cortese has won the close race to succeed longtime child welfare advocate Jim Beall in the California Legislature.


L.A. Voters OK Huge Investment in Community-Building Model of Public Safety
A June protest calling for L.A. city and county leaders to provide funding for youth development programs. Photo: Jeremy Loudenback

Los Angeles County voters have handily approved a ballot measure that requires the county to dedicate at least 10% of its unrestricted funds to youth development and other community investments as well as alternatives to incarceration rather than law enforcement and jail. 


Upstart Progressives Replace Longtime Justice Reformers in New York Legislature
Newly elected democratic state senator for Brooklyn Jabari Brisport, and one of the borough’s newly elected democratic state assembly members, Emily Gallagher. Credit: Brisport campaign / Gallagher campaign

Voters in Brooklyn on Tuesday selected two new lawmakers to succeed some of the Statehouse’s top advocates for New York’s sweeping juvenile justice reforms from the past decade.