Generational Foster Care in Native American Communities


Generational Foster Care in Native American Communities

Due to my experiences in foster care, I forgot how to dance in powwows, as well as other Native traditions, writes Shawna Bullen-Fairbanks.

A Foster Youth's Journey towards Healing


A Foster Youth’s Journey Towards Healing

Despite my trauma, I’m pleased because of how clear my spirit feels today. But I still stumble, writes Jeremiah Bennett.


Best of Youth Voices Rising, 2023

Some of our strongest pieces published by the Youth Voices Rising program in 2023

Lost and Found


Lost and Found

While I felt lost for so long, I now feel strong. I want every current and former Foster to feel like this, writes Vivian Dudley.

Lost and Found


Getting my Ducks in a Row

The more I started asking questions, the more foster parents got upset with me. Fosters deserve answers to their questions, writes Kia Crist.

Lost and Found


We Are Grieving

I was grieving the person that I could have been — the one without the deep mistrust and anxiety, writes Elaine Allen.

Lost and Found


Where Do Reimbursement Checks Go?

We need to start talking about what goes on with these reimbursement checks — the good and the bad, writes Chloe Gartner.

Lost and Found


My Sister is a Stranger

It would be easier to talk to a stranger than to my sister because a stranger wouldn’t have this trauma connected to them, writes Erin Gantz.

Lost and Found


Surviving the System

I have PTSD, anxiety, and depression, all from a system that was supposed to protect me, writes Audriana Clifton.