Finishing School While Homeless is No Easy Feat

When I realized how trapped I felt, I told myself, “I’m going to graduate high school and beat the system,” writes Aleesha German.

Tending the Fire Within


Tending The Fire Within

The light that burns inside of us started from a spark. If we're not careful, that spark could turn into a wildfire, writes Aaron Toleafoa.

LGBTQIA+ Foster Youth Need Safe Support Systems in Care


LGBTQIA+ Foster Youth Need Safe Support Systems in Care

Practitioners and policymakers should prioritize training on establishment of safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ youth, writes Richard Gierman.


School Became My Escape

It was always so much to come home and make dinner, clean, and help with the smaller children all before doing homework, writes Naiomi Moua. 


A Foster Youth’s Struggle to Pursue Higher Education

The academic journey for foster youth is fraught with challenges that extend far beyond the classroom, writes Arianna Henry.


Inawemaagan: The Experience of Being ‘Othered’ in Schools

In high school, it didn’t get much better. At this point, I had accepted my status as “other,” writes Donovan Holmes.


Teens Entering Foster Care Face High-Stress Situations

Teens who enter the foster care system close to adulthood are put under a lot of stress, and it's not addressed enough, writes Chloe Gartner.

What Unhealed Advocacy Looks Like


What Unhealed Advocacy Looks Like

The reason healed advocates need to be in spaces is because they show up with a different intent, writes Sabrina Anderson.

Peering into the Window of Opportunity


Peering into the Window of Opportunity

The combination of being homeless and having a crippled leg left me in a rapidly deteriorating mental state, writes Jesus Angel Rodriguez.