Collaborative Models Can Better Serve Families


Collaborative Efforts Can Better Serve Families

When combined, government and community efforts to support the complex economic and health needs of families are stronger.


The Sounding Board

In this installment of The Sounding Board, Dee Wilson reviews what we know about chronic maltreatment and how to stop the path to it


A Mixed Message on Juvenile Justice from Governor Newsom

On September 29, California Governor Newsom (D) took two critical but contradictory actions on behalf of youth offenders. He signed The Youth Bill of Rights, AB 2417, which makes it a law that all kids who end up in any of our juvenile facilities should live in safe, healthy, and clean conditions.

Pregnant women struggling with addiction need early and effective paths to sobriety. This would both decrease the effects of drug exposure in the infants and decrease the likelihood of foster care by giving moms a longer runway for recovery


We Can Reduce the Need for Special Education through Better Drug Treatment

Pregnant women struggling with drug addiction need early and effective paths to sobriety, writes Darcy Olsen.


Seeing, Humanizing and Affirming Black Boys in Foster Care and Adoption

Demontea Thompson connects the racist remarks of an L.A. councilmembers to the broader conversation about race and foster care

Upstream City - Intentional Investment in the Social Fabric of Neighborhoods Can Lift Families


Narrowing Mandated Reporting Laws that Fuel Hyper-Surveillance

It’s time for New York city and state to use every tool available to replace mandated reporting with community support, writes Nora McCarthy.

    Supreme Court ICWA


    Why the Supreme Court Must Uphold the Indian Child Welfare Act 

    The Supreme Court should uphold the federal law that protects the well-being of Native children by keeping them connected to their families, their tribes and their culture, the authors write.

    Out of State, Out of Mind


    Out of State, Out of Mind

    Although Washington, D.C.'s child welfare agency director says they don't take children out of their homes, that's not always true.


    The Sounding Board

    Dee Wilson and Toni Sebastian explore root causes for the alarming rates of turnover and job vacancies in child welfare