Child Welfare Must Face History To Get Past It

I have been thinking a lot lately about James Baldwin’s wise assertion that “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them.” 

History is deeply embedded in the child welfare system.


Flourishing Before, Floundering After

More than anything, I want to create a world where youth in foster care don’t have to fear being alone and not having a place to live. That is why I’m attending Cal State Los Angeles, studying to become a social worker.

Family First Act


Biden Should Keep Jerry Milner at Children’s Bureau

The election of former Vice President Joe Biden provides an opportunity to end the war against poor families waged by the Trump administration. President Trump sought to deny millions of Americans – including children – health care, food stamps and cash assistance.


Biden Child Welfare: A Day One Culture for the Next Four Years

As we consider a new federal child welfare team, we should recognize the exceptional work of the current Children’s Bureau, especially its leaders Jerry Milner and David Kelly. They advanced smart, progressive and commonsense policy and practice designs for child welfare agencies focused on the development of community-based family support efforts.



On Fulton v City of Philadelphia, Both Sides Miss the Most Important Point

When Catholic Charities faces off against the City of Philadelphia in the U.S. Supreme Court Nov. 4, the parties will appear diametrically opposed. Philadelphia requires all contractors to adhere to a nondiscrimination policy that includes sexual orientation.


Did I Vote This Year? Absolutely. Do I Feel Good About It? No.

I vote to honor my ancestors. The ones who survived slavery so that I might thrive; the ones who died pursuing freedom and liberty. The kinfolk who suffered selflessly so that I can legally read, write and vote.

Pouelinna Po


In Favor of California’s Prop. 15 and Long Beach’s Measure US

Spooky season is here – however this year, the scares aren’t just about Halloween, but about the impending elections exposing the threats to our dignity, health, wellbeing, and democracy as a diverse society.


What Michigan Got Right, And Wrong, after Cornelius Frederick’s Death

Author Daniel Kahneman in “Thinking, Fast and Slow” explains how two modes in our brains make decisions. One is fast/hot, an instinctive and emotional process often fueled by anger, fear or a survival response.


States Should Repeal Racist ‘Family Cap’ on Welfare

Now that New Jersey has repealed its “family cap” law that denied more cash assistance to families that have another child while enrolled in its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, the 12 remaining states with these laws in their TANF programs should follow suit.