writer Tatiana Lemire offers advice on resources and encouragement for foster youth interested in pursuing college.


Advocating for Yourself Starts with Exploring Your Resources

Writer Tatiana Lemire offers practical advice on resources as well as encouragement for foster youth interested in pursuing college.

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Lessons from Ma’Khia Bryant’s Death: Better Housing Policy and Kinship Care Aid Can Save our Children

Sweet 16. It’s an age when many teens revel in the thought of getting a driver’s license, going to the prom or landing a first job, all sweet rites of passage that launch them into a new world of emerging independence. 

Jeanette Vega and Bianca Shaw write New York families should be supported, but not through ACS.


Expand Support for Families, But Not Inside the Child Welfare System

New York City should invest in support for families, but Black and brown parents have opposed programs overseen by the child welfare system.

Juvenile justice expert David Roush on juvenile detention reform.


The ‘Gold Standard’ of Juvenile Detention Reform Shows There’s Still Work to be Done

Racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile detention are not unique to Cook County, but data validate the need for new approaches.

Vivek Sankaran on foster care and the death of Ma'Khia Bryant


Ma’Khia Bryant’s Story Reveals Flaws in Foster Care System

Ma'Khia Bryant's death is a reminder to the child welfare system: Before placing children with strangers, we must exhaust all other options.

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For Child Welfare Systems, One Simple Key to Community Engagement: Ask, Then Listen

As a part of their efforts to engage families, many child welfare agencies sponsor community events. These happenings are designed to build social capital, to provide an opportunity for residents and stakeholders to meet each other and to create a network of supportive relationships. 


Why We Need To Shift the Power in Sexual Assault Investigations

Louise Godbold of Echo Training argues that any effort to make the process trauma-informed must be be led by survivors of abuse


Young, Gifted, & Black

Sade Daniels presents her poem Young, Black & Gifted, an artistic critique of the present treatment of Black girls in American foster care


The Privilege of Innocence: Ma’Khia Bryant and The Adultification of Black Girls in Foster Care

There is no perfect way to be a child in foster care. As a 30-year-old Black woman and foster youth alumni, I reflect daily on my decisions as a traumatized youth in care and the grace that was not always granted to me.