Disproportionality in Child Welfare: Fruit of a Poisonous Tree 

There are few things more ominous than contact with the child welfare system, especially for Black parents struggling to stay on their feet.

Measuring the Impact of the CASA/GAL Model


Measuring the Impact of CASA/GAL Model

The court-appointed special advocate/guardian ad litem model provides vulnerable children with an advocate and judges with more information, writes Tara Perry.


California Governor’s Budget Breaks His Promise to Older Foster Youth 

Going back on the increase in support for older foster youth in California is a mistake, writes Carolyn Travis


One Small Act Toward Ending Orphanage Trafficking 

Nicholas Evans writes about the practice of orphanage trafficking and what role U.S. donors can do to help combat it.


What We Know About LGBTQ+ Children & Youth in Foster Care

Professor Gerald Mallon writes about the history of discrimination and barriers faced by LGBTQ youth in foster care

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In 2024, Let’s Resolve to Respect Caseworkers

Instead of demonizing child welfare caseworkers, we should support them in ways that encourage optimism and good faith, writes Paul DiLorenzo.


    Ten Great Op-Eds from 2023

    Ten of the strongest op-eds published by The Imprint in 2023

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    The Danger of Disconnection

    Our current child welfare system has a primary design flaw: failing to account for the importance of human connections.


    A False Choice on Families in New York City

    Mayor Eric Adams’ administration would have us believe we must choose between funding social services and assisting asylum seekers.