The World’s Children Have a Lot Riding on Biden

The world watched with eager anticipation as power transitioned last week to President Joe Biden. The paths, priorities and policies he chooses will impact not just Americans, but citizens everywhere. Arguably, they will be felt most of all by our planet’s children.


Biden Needs to Consider Child Abuse Registry Reforms as an Agenda Item

The Biden administration promised bold transformative policies that would meet the contemporary racial and economic justice challenges facing the nation. We are hopeful that the Biden administration will include in that commitment some needed and radical changes to its child welfare policy, starting with the nation’s top-down policies around punitive child abuse and neglect registries.


1619, 1776, and Family Separation: How We Move Child Welfare Forward with Equity

Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris, 

During the campaign, I saw your signs touting the phrase, “Our best days still lie ahead.” 

But what do “best days” look like for our children and families? 


Building A Respectful Approach to Child Safety

In child welfare we are prone to distraction. Through the decades we’ve become excited by multiple trends and legislation addressing safety, family preservation and permanency, assuming they would resolve the complexities of our work with families.


The Value of Leaving the Door Open for Families
Vivek Sankaran, University of Michigan School of Law

As I started to clean up the kitchen after Christmas dinner with my family, a text message appeared on my phone. The message simply read, “Merry Christmas,” with a picture attached.


Human Services Measurement: Service Delivery Must Take Backseat to True Outcomes

Since the birth of America’s settlement house movement, human services organizations have played a critical role in partnering with those with lived experiences to build assets in neighborhoods that strengthen communities.

New York City


New York City Must Provide WiFi to Homeless Families

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s announcement that schools will open for elementary students came as welcome news for many homeless families, as the switch to remote and blended learning has been fraught with uncertainty and unfulfilled promises.

pop tart


A Pop Tart Tribute to Human Rights

In late December, the nonprofit iFoster hosted its inaugural Great iFoster Bake Off, a national Zoom-hosted competition where foster youth and caregivers teamed up to decorate holiday houses made out of Pop Tarts.


Four More Years for Foster Youth Voice
Joshua Christian Oswald. Photo courtesy of Oswald

Child welfare services nationwide are undergoing a historic transformation spurred by years of advocacy. Critical to this movement are the voices of those who are personally impacted by these services  particularly young people like me who have experienced foster care.