Good Fortune Is Not a Solid Foundation for Child Welfare Services

Serendipity is the phenomenon of discovering something valuable that is unexpected, like a forgotten $10 bill in your jacket pocket, or finding the love of your life through a chance meeting. 


The Complicity of Academia in Policing of Families

Academia is a space for immense learning and knowledge building. It is a place where ideas are crafted into resolutions for some of the world’s greatest concerns. Yet, because of its potential to do good, we often overlook academia’s complicity and collaboration in harmful research projects and practices.  


In One Year, Homelessness Prevented for Hundreds of Former Foster Youth

Foster care provides children in need with vital resources aimed to ensure that no matter their background, they will be able to grow into self-sufficient, productive adults. Among these resources are the support structure of a family unit and the stability of a safe, dependable home. Sadly,


What It Means to Abolish Child Welfare As We Know It

The trauma and harm to families and communities caused by intrusive child welfare system interventions is well documented by multiple sources – to the degree that many argue the system can be more accurately viewed as the family policing system, family regulation system, or foster care industrial complex.


Liar, Liar, Life on Fire

When I look back at my childhood, I see why I wanted to pretend it away. 

I grew up in the Bronx, the only child of a single mother. My father would pop his head in and out periodically, but ultimately, my family was my mother and my beloved grandmother, who lived nearby.


Ginsburg’s Child Welfare Legacy: Attention to Parental Rights

The late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had many gifts, one of which was using language to convey the harsh impact of the law on those living on the margins. Consider her words in M.L.B.



LAPD’s Missed Opportunity on Juvenile Diversion

Last week, after a thorough search for the best youth arrest diversion program in the country, the Annie E. Casey Foundation selected the Los Angeles-based Centinela Youth Services and its Everychild Restorative Justice Center as its model for promoting restorative justice-based juvenile diversion nationwide. The


The Research Doesn’t Support Child Welfare Abolition

Current calls to eliminate all elements of structural racism in the United States include proposals to abolish child welfare services. Alan Dettlaff and Kristen Weber, in an op-ed published by The Imprint this summer, based their abolition argument on the idea that “the child welfare system causes harm to Black children and we have known this for decades.” 


We Can Reduce Childhood Toxic Stress without ACEs Screening

In a recent article in The Imprint, Karen de Sá and Nadra Nittle reviewed arguments for and against universal pediatric screening for adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, in California. They noted that California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris, who has led the push for this plan, recognizes the serious concerns of critics but does not hear alternative proposals from them that might achieve her important goal of reducing toxic stress among children.