Child Welfare and The Fight Against Despair

Classic experiments in the 1970’s demonstrated that it’s not so much adverse events that result in deleterious consequences, but rather a lack of perceived control over those events. Subjects in these experiments who learned that they could not influence their challenging situations eventually gave up trying.


The Sad Omission of Child Welfare from Mainstream Discussion on Race

Tehra Coles, Zainab Akbar, Emma Ketteringham, Lauren Shapiro

As thousands of Black people and their allies are protesting the systemic racism and police brutality that have been part of the fabric of this society for centuries, some white Americans appear ready to discuss the damage that oppression has done to Black and brown people.


Outrage Is Only The Start: Get Bad Actors out of Residential Care
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) cut ties with residential care provider Sequel after the death of Cornelius Fredericks at Lakeside Academy. Photo: Twitter

Say his name. Cornelius Fredericks.

Cornelius was 16 years old.


‘Family Regulation,’ Not ‘Child Welfare’: Abolition Starts with Changing our Language

In a recent webinar about racism and policing hosted by the Northwestern Prison Education Program, abolitionist scholar and educator Erica Meiners noted that “avoiding the state’s language is a key tool for practitioners of reform and abolition.”


2020 Youth Voice Contest Winner: Mexican-American Abstraction: Family Through the Translation of the /Slash/

Note from the author: This short essay contains pieces of dreams, memories, scents, and laughs that I shared with my family. Mexican-Americans have a strong understanding of abstraction: we live in-between identities.


Our Time To Rise as Advocates: Social Workers Seeking Justice

Rogers Campbell. My grandfather’s name still haunts the people who loved him the most. Killed in 1987. Hog tied. Placed in a choke hold. Died. Then the system denied excessive force.


2020 Writing Contest 2nd Place: Unapologetically Connected 

I found poetry when I was in a dark space, words saved my life and gave me the ability to heal from trauma and be expressive without having to apologize to others.

Jennifer Jones


It’s Time for State Prevention Services Systems

As we navigate the effects of a global pandemic and economic recession, we have the opportunity to rethink the ways we provide services and supports to children and families before they find themselves in crisis.


2020 Writing Contest 3rd Place: Community, Acceptance, Love

I have spent most of my life as a chameleon. How can I do well in a way that makes everyone around me happy or content? To most, this is just a classic case of people pleasing; to me, it was survival.