What Can We Learn from Rhode Island’s New Data about Students Experiencing Foster Care?

Rhode Island has joined a small list of states with data-sharing agreements to track and assess the unique needs of students in foster care.


For Many California Children, Medi-Cal Mental Health Services Lack Urgency They Need

Nancy Netherland writes that California's Medi-Cal mental health services must be immediately resourced and supported.

Upstream City - Intentional Investment in the Social Fabric of Neighborhoods Can Lift Families


Upstream City: Developing Restorative Pathways to Safety

Nora McCarthy on the value of developing restorative pathways for families to achieve safety without system involvement


The Sounding Board

Dee Wilson and Toni Sebastian deliver their assessment of what the record reflects about decades of using risk assessment tools in child protection.


ASFA Is A Dangerous Tool in An Arbitrary System  

It's time to reverse course on the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), the dangerous bipartisan legislation that recently turned 25.


No More Excuses. California Must Prioritize Children in Foster Care.

After years of stalled progress on improving support for children and youth in foster care, California simply can’t wait any longer to make foster youth a priority.


    The Sounding Board

    Last month’s commentary discussed the characteristics of chronic multitype child maltreatment that develops from chronic neglect through two main dynamics: the erosion or collapse of social norms around parenting and gradual loss of control over body, mind, emotions, interpersonal relationships and living conditions due to substance abuse, mood disorders (often co-occurring), and sometimes domestic violence as well, combined with poverty.

    An Absentee Parent: Raising a College Kid from Prison


    An Absentee Parent: Raising a College Kid from Prison

    Illustration by Charlotte West using Canva.
    I never took my education seriously. I dropped out of high school and got my GED when I was 16, going to work full-time breaking the law.

    A Child Welfare New Year's Resolution: Act With Urgency


    A Child Welfare New Year’s Resolution: Act with Urgency

    OP-ED: For child welfare to better serve the behavioral health needs of kids in out-of-home care, we need to enact various solutions.