Historic Bill Would Repeal Federal Requirement to Terminate Parental Rights in Foster Care Cases


Historic Bill Would Remove Federal Requirement to Terminate Parental Rights in Some Cases

A bill introduced before Congress would allow states to decide whether to seek the termination of parental rights in child welfare cases.

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Both Sides Ask Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Indian Child Welfare Act

Parties on both sides of a case over the constitutionality of the Indian Child Welfare Act have asked the Supreme Court to step in and decide.


Supreme Court Casts Hopeful Vision for a Divided Nation

For many commentators, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia seemed merely another salvo in our country’s unceasing culture wars — a zero-sum conflict in which only one side can win. I’d argue just the opposite. In a moment when society seems to be pul

Both branches of the Oregon state legislature have voted to codify provisions of the Indian Child Welfare Act into state law.


Oregon House Sends Measure Recognizing Tribal Adoptions to Governor

Oregon lawmakers have voted to codify provisions of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act into state law and sent the bill to the desk of Democratic Gov. Kate Brown.

Julie McGue writes that closed adoption is like a legal magic eraser.


Closed Adoption: A Legal Magic Eraser

Closed adoption was intended to protect the privacy of birth parents and the rights of adoptive parents. To the adoptee, however, closed adoption is a legal magic eraser.

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The Data Dispute: Where New Rules on Foster Care Numbers Stands

The process for adding new elements to what’s known as the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, or AFCARS, is now in litigation that started under the Trump administration and continues under President Joe Biden.

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Lynn Johnson takes role at CityServe


Former Trump Child Welfare Official Takes on Role at Faith-Based CityServe

Lynn Johnson, former President Donald Trump’s top child welfare official, is now running children’s initiatives for CityServe, a national faith-based nonprofit.

Lynn Johnson, the new vice president of children’s initiatives for CityServe.


Six New Laws Add to Georgia’s Efforts to Boost Adoption

Six new bills signed into law in Georgia this week are intended to accelerate the state’s ongoing efforts to make adoption easier.


Unanimous Oregon House Backs Customary Tribal Adoption

The Oregon House of Representatives recently gave unanimous approval to legislation that would require state judges to accept tribal customary adoptions in cases involving Native American and Alaska Native children, ensuring that they can remain connected to their tribe.