Richard Barth


We Haven’t Done Enough to Increase the Safety of Adoptions

Rick Barth reflects on the lessons for foster care and adoptions within Roxanna Asgarian's new book, "We Were Once a Family"


Asking the Right Questions About Adoption

Media accounts of particularly violent and heinous crimes, such as school shootings and sniper attacks, often focus on the motivation of the perpetrators. So it was on March 26, 2018, when white adoptive parents Jennifer and Sarah Hart, with Jennifer at the wheel, drove an SUV carrying their six Black and bi-racial children off a cliff on the Pacific Coast Highway, plunging all 8 to their deaths in the rocks and ocean below.


ASFA Is A Dangerous Tool in An Arbitrary System  

It's time to reverse course on the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), the dangerous bipartisan legislation that recently turned 25.


An Indigenous Adoptee Reclaims Her Culture

Sandy White Hawk and her book cover featuring art by her daughter, Dyani White Hawk Polk. Photos provided.
For years, Sandy White Hawk has been invited to bring the Wabléniča Ceremony to Indigenous communities around the country, welcoming home fellow adoptees taken through adoption and foster care.


South Korea to Investigate International Adoptions

South Korea’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission is launching an investigation into dozens of cases involving children who may have been wrongfully removed from their families.

Pregnant women struggling with addiction need early and effective paths to sobriety. This would both decrease the effects of drug exposure in the infants and decrease the likelihood of foster care by giving moms a longer runway for recovery


We Can Reduce the Need for Special Education through Better Drug Treatment

Pregnant women struggling with drug addiction need early and effective paths to sobriety, writes Darcy Olsen.

    Adjusting to My Adoptive Family


    Adjusting to My Adoptive Family

    Three years after I moved in, my adoptive parents got divorced. My brain pinpointed me as the problem, writes George Romero.


    What We’ve Learned About Supporting Adoptions

    On this week’s episode, we discuss the federal about-face on child support payment policies for youth in foster care; how the workforce crisis is impacting Texas juvenile justice; and the latest on localizing juvenile justice in California. 



    New Numbers on Broken Adoption and Child Maltreatment Registries

    On this week’s podcast we discuss the recent series and data reporting by USA Today on youth who experience adoption from foster care and return to the system, the recent federal investigation on America’s use of Indian boarding schools; and news on lawsuits in Alaska and Indiana.