New York’s Latest Frontier in Fighting Opioid Overdose: All Juvenile Detention Facilities

The first-ever policy requires pre-trial juvenile facilities to train staff to act quickly with life-saving medications.


Improving Interactions Between Cops and Kids

Strategies for Youth (SFY) is one of the few organizations in the country focused on the true front door of the juvenile justice system: interactions between youth and law enforcement officers.

DOJ Calls on States To Eliminate Juvenile Fines and Fees


DOJ Calls on States To Eliminate Juvenile System Fines and Fees

Federal officials are calling on states to eliminate juvenile justice-related fines and fees charged to families.

Finally, More Judges Headed to ‘Desperately Overstretched’ New York Family Courts


New York Governor Clears the Slate For Youth Accused of Minor Misbehavior

Under a new law in New York, the records of young people who have faced family court for minor misbehavior will be expunged at age 21.


Problem Newly Revealed in Juvenile Hall Schools: A Failure to Get Kids to Class

A report by California legal advocates finds “chronic absenteeism” is apparent — even when teens are locked up.


New York City Youth and Supporters Rally for Enhanced Juvenile Justice Rights

Dozens of youth and advocates gathered in the Bronx to voice support for two pivotal youth justice bills headed to the state Legislature.


    Is the End of Juvenile Life Without Parole Near?

    On this week’s episode we discuss the rebounding of child poverty rates as COVID-19 era fiscal support went away; truth and reconciliation in South Korea; and a potential Supreme Court case over gender-affirming care  Jody Kent Lavy, co-executive director of the Campaign for The Fair Sentencing of Youth, joins to discuss the history of the campaign, the push to end juvenile life without parole sentences and what comes next as more states provide a meaningful chance at freedom.



    Supporters Vow To Continue the Work of David Inocencio, Founder of The Beat Within Magazine Written by Incarcerated Youth

    Inocencio died in July after three decades of publishing writing and art from inside California juvenile halls and beyond.


    Black Attorneys Give Rochester Residents a Rare Chance to Query Juvenile Justice Officials in a Town Hall

    Dozens gathered in Rochester, New York, at a rare meeting of parents, community service providers, and attorneys to discuss juvenile justice.