Missouri House Votes to Boost Support for Children, Youth by $76 Million

Unless the Missouri state Senate balks, families that adopt children, foster them or care for relatives’ children will have more money from the state, come July 1, to help make ends meet.


Moving Child Welfare from A Reaction to A Response

One benefit of an extended career in child welfare settings is that you begin to understand the concept of capacity. I’m not offering this as sage advice or cynical wisdom, nor as a pup social worker who is naïve and imagines that every family and every system can be set on the right track. 


Study: Economic Hardship, Family Conflict Linked to Lifelong Difficulties

A large study of European residents, one of the first to look at the effects of growing up amid financial strain, family conflict – or both – links those kinds of childhood adversities to a wide range of social and health difficulties in adulthood.


Study of Twins Shows Harsh Parental Discipline Tied to More Misbehavior
Six month old twin boys laughing and smiling. Photo courtesy of the Raising Children Network

In a study of twins aimed at teasing out answers to an aspect of the classic nature-versus-nurture debate, researchers have found that the child who was more harshly disciplined than the sibling twin was more likely to develop more behavior problems.


Alumni Summit Part of Growth Plan for Single Mothers Program
Nearing 25 years of operation, the Jeremiah Program held its first-ever alumni summit in March to celebrate the thousands of single mothers it has served.


Following Influx of Federal Aid, New York Poised to Avoid Cuts to Children’s Services
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

With the recent federal stimulus sending a historic $12.6 billion in aid to New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is signaling that he will not push forward with previously proposed budget cuts.


New York Lawmakers Mount Last-Minute Effort to Permanently Expand State Child Tax Credit
In a bid to combat child poverty, New York lawmakers introduced a bill to permanently expand the Empire State Child tax credit.


New York City’s Mistaken Child Welfare Priorities

Once again, New York City is reeling from the murder of a child. The circumstances around the killing of 10-year-old Ayden Wolfe are eerily familiar – a vulnerable mother, a new partner with a history of violence and the loss of an innocent child.

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Boy Picks Tulip, Gets Arrested: A Tale As Old As Time

Most people probably would agree that raising a child to respect others’ property is important and that a kid who doesn’t do so should be corrected.

Reasonable people might disagree over what the appropriate sanction should be, but certainly, everyone can agree that a child’s maturity level and the nature of the misbehavior should be critical factors.