She Wrote the Book on Surviving Foster Care as a Black Kid

Ángela Quijada-Banks wants to make sure no one ages out of foster care like she did.

When she left North Carolina’s foster care system as a teen, she had to scramble to find housing, just days before the start of her college classes.


A Novel Approach on Extended Foster Care Options

Melinda and Ray Martin of San Anselmo, California, had been talking for a while about what more they could do to help youth who’ve had it rough coming up – well before the global pandemic battered the economy.


Liar, Liar, Life on Fire

When I look back at my childhood, I see why I wanted to pretend it away. 

I grew up in the Bronx, the only child of a single mother. My father would pop his head in and out periodically, but ultimately, my family was my mother and my beloved grandmother, who lived nearby.

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Feds Lift Cap on Housing for Former Foster Youth

The Trump administration has updated a program for former foster youth to enable far more public housing associations to participate.

Per a notice issued yesterday, any public housing agency that offers housing choice vouchers can participate in the Foster Youth to Independence Initiative, or FYI, a program started in the summer of 2019 to connect young adults aging out of foster care with housing stability as they leave the system.


The Research Doesn’t Support Child Welfare Abolition

Current calls to eliminate all elements of structural racism in the United States include proposals to abolish child welfare services. Alan Dettlaff and Kristen Weber, in an op-ed published by The Imprint this summer, based their abolition argument on the idea that “the child welfare system causes harm to Black children and we have known this for decades.” 


Homeless and in Foster Care: Hundreds of Washington Youth Sleeping in Offices, Hotel Rooms and Even Cars

Since early April, 16-year-old Espen James has spent most nights in Washington’s foster care system being shuttled from a government office by day to hotels by night. Over one long night she never left a Prius, parked with its lights on in the lot outside the Department of Social and Health Services in Bellevue, with a social worker at her side.


Gov. Newsom Rejects Bill to Protect Young Adults in Foster Care During Future Crises
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on across the country, Gov. Gavin Newsom has vetoed a bill that promised to protect young adults in California’s foster care system during future declared states of emergency, describing it as potentially imprudent and ineffective. 


New York Marches to Ensure Black Foster Youth Aren’t Forgotten

In a public demonstration of their presence and pain, dozens of young people and their supporters gathered under bright New York skies Saturday for what they billed as the first-ever march for Black foster youth.


Survey Finds Black and Native Foster Youth Bearing the Brunt of Coronavirus in Minnesota

More than 80% of Minnesota current or former foster youth have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and the fallout has been disproportionately borne by African Americans and American Indians, according to a report released today by the Foster Advocates, a St.