Survey Finds Black and Native Foster Youth Bearing the Brunt of Coronavirus in Minnesota

More than 80% of Minnesota current or former foster youth have been negatively impacted by COVID-19, and the fallout has been disproportionately borne by African Americans and American Indians, according to a report released today by the Foster Advocates, a St.


L.A. County, Foster Advocates Reach Settlement of 18-Year-Old Mental Health Court Case

After 17 years of operating under a consent decree, Los Angeles County has reached an agreement to extricate itself from a long-running federal lawsuit that sought to address gaps in mental health care services for children in foster care in California.


Foster Youth and Alumni Speak Up for Special Groups Among Them

Foster youth often feel misunderstood and marginalized by society as a whole. Within the larger foster youth community, however, certain groups must deal with even more stress. Those groups, and how to help them build fulfilling lives, are the subjects of the latest set of policy recommendations by the National Foster Care Youth and Alumni Policy Council.



‘The Forgotten Students’: Report Calls on Congress to Help Hard-hit Foster Youth on Campus

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to crush the college dreams of thousands of people who will soon be aging out of foster care, and Congress must take urgent steps to avoid these devastating outcomes, according to a report being released this week.


Texas Prepares for $26 Million Hit on Residential Foster Care

Despite being mired in a federal lawsuit largely focused on children in group placements, the state’s child welfare agency seems likely to give up federal funds rather than meet new requirements for residential foster care. 

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New School Year, Same Housing Woes
Nearly six months after getting a sudden and unceremonious boot from their dorms during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half of the 114 college students in New York City’s Dorm Project for foster youth have begun a new school year without the guarantee of housing on campuses across the city.


A Plan To Train Child Welfare Workers on American Indian Rights

Less than 2% of Minnesota’s population is Native American, according to Census data. But the most recent federal child welfare data shows more than one-third of children in the state’s foster care system were identified as being at least part American Indian in 2019.


New School Year Brings More Uncertainty for Minnesota Foster Youth

Grace, a 17-year-old from Duluth, Minnesota, is preparing for her final year at Denfeld High School. The past year has brought nothing but turmoil for the teen and this school year promises more uncertainty. 


Hundreds of Texas Residential Care Facilities Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 among children in Texas’ long-term foster care system has been rampant, particularly in residential care facilities, and the pandemic has left more than five dozen kids without a bed to sleep in, a new report filed in federal court shows.