Mother’s Day Celebration Outside L.A. County Jail Sends Hope to Women Inside
Angelique Evans of the Young Women’s Freedom addresses the crowd on Friday. Photo: Jeremy Loudenback

Dozens of women wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Free Black Mamas” logos and shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” circled a Los Angeles County women’s jail in cars Friday, a public demonstration calling attention to the struggles of incarcerated mothers and their efforts to reunify with children placed in foster care. 


Washington State Child Welfare Chief Endorses Reform Bill on Governor’s Desk
Ross Hunter, secretary of Washington State’s Department of Children, Youth, and Families, on a visit to Camp To Belong Washington, a camp dedicated to reuniting siblings separated by foster care, adoption or kinship.


New York City Lawmakers, Moms Push Sweeping Changes to Child Maltreatment Reporting System
Lawmakers joined New York City parents Monday for a virtual rally in support of an ambitious reform package that would bar anonymous child abuse and neglect reports, arm parents with Miranda-style rights when they are accused and require written consent for drug testing new and expecting mothers in hospitals.


When the Clock is Cruel: Parents Face Pandemic Hurdles as They Race to Keep Their Kids
In interviews The Imprint and Type Investigations conducted with lawyers, family members and child welfare advocates in at least six states, it’s clear that child welfare timelines have imposed unfair burdens and an unreasonable expectation for parents who — even under normal circumstances — have difficulty complying with court orders to get their kids back.


California Legislator Pauses Blind Removals Bill
A bill aimed at addressing rampant racial disparities in California's child welfare system by removing information on the race of children when critical decisions about their lives are being decided will not advance in the state Legislature this year.


‘We Should Not Be Here Today’: Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, Mourned, Celebrated at Her Funeral
Clergy and leaders from across the country joined the family of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant at her funeral Friday to honor the teen’s “vibrant” spirit, grieve her unfinished life, and call for communities to better protect vulnerable young people — particularly other Black girls and foster children.


We Don’t Need The Adoption and Safe Families Act to Shorten Foster Care Stays

Although it took longer than in many other aspects of American life, the racial justice reckoning finally may be having an effect on child welfare. As America is forced to take a new look at other draconian, racially biased laws of the 1990s – the “crime bill” and a law to “end welfare as we know it” – there now are calls to repeal the so-called Adoption and Safe Families Act.


Family of Ma’Khia Bryant Calls for Federal Investigation of Ohio Foster Care
Eight days after a police officer killed Ma’Khia Bryant in front of her foster home in Columbus, Ohio, the 16-year-old’s anguished family convened on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday to call for federal investigation into the child welfare system that was supposed to care for her – and the police agency tasked with protecting her.


Advocates Call on California to Provide Pandemic Cash Relief to Foster Youth
In addition to growing struggles with homelessness, foster youth are concerned about the debt they'll be left with post-pandemic.