Alabama Youth Ranch Celebrates the Lives of Eight Children Killed in Fiery Traffic Crash

Girls housed on the Alabama Sheriffs Girls Ranch on a beach trip in mid-June. Photo courtesy of Alabama Sheriffs Girls Ranch.
Eight children killed in a 17-car pileup on a slick Alabama highway a month ago were celebrated Thursday by hundreds of mourners who lined the pews of a megachurch and watched doves released into the open sky. 

Veronica Vieyra benefited from the UBI program Santa Clara County has in place for former foster youth.


California Approves First State-Guaranteed Income For Foster Youth

In a historic move to support young adults raised by the government, a monthly check of up to $1,000 — with no restrictions and no strings attached — will be sent to thousands of California foster youth once they leave the state’s custody, guaranteeing them the first statewide universal basic income.

One of California's foster youth who received a free phone through iFoster's pilot program.


‘New Government Benefit’ Providing Cell Phones to California Foster Youth Made Permanent

Thousands more California foster youth between 13 and 26 will have the opportunity to receive free cell phones with online access following a Thursday vote by California’s public utility commission.


Supreme Court Casts Hopeful Vision for a Divided Nation

For many commentators, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia seemed merely another salvo in our country’s unceasing culture wars — a zero-sum conflict in which only one side can win. I’d argue just the opposite. In a moment when society seems to be pul

More details on California relief funds for current, former foster youth


One-time Pandemic Cash Assistance Now Available to Foster Youth in New York

Sixteen long, grueling months after the pandemic upended daily life in New York, young people who were in foster care after their 14th birthday can now apply to the state for one-time direct cash assistance.

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Jessica Maxwell.


Redlich Horwitz Foundation Hires Jessica Maxwell as New Program Director

Redlich Horwitz Foundation, a major financial supporter of programs to strengthen New York's foster care system, has hired Jessica Maxwell.

Weston Charles-Gallo describes his life as an LGBTQ foster youth.


LGBTQ Youth Make Up One Third of Foster Care, But Are Often Poorly Served

One in three foster youth identify as LGBTQ, and evidence shows they are among the most likely to face difficulty in government care.

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Virginia Governor Appoints Foster Care Watchdog


Virginia Governor Appoints Foster Care Watchdog

Virginia’s foster youth now have an official watchdog. In June, Gov. Ralph Northam appointed a director of the Office of Children’s Ombudsman.

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More details on California relief funds for current, former foster youth


More Details Emerge on California Relief Funds for Current, Former Foster Youth

The process that California will use to steer federal stimulus checks to young adults with foster care experience has become more clear, with details provided to The Imprint by the state and instructions sent to all 58 counties.