Ohio counties say they need state money to comply with a requirement to pay its kinship caregivers a higher rate.


Ohio Counties Plead for State Funds to Boost Kinship Caregivers’ Pay

A federal judge has been trying for years to get Ohio to pay kinship caregivers their due under federal law, but counties say there’s not enough money from the state to make it feasible.

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Lessons from Ma’Khia Bryant’s Death: Better Housing Policy and Kinship Care Aid Can Save our Children

Sweet 16. It’s an age when many teens revel in the thought of getting a driver’s license, going to the prom or landing a first job, all sweet rites of passage that launch them into a new world of emerging independence. 

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Ma'Khia Bryant


Lawmakers Seek Probe Into Foster Care Life of Ma’Khia Bryant

Lawmakers are calling for the Department of Health and Human Services to investigate the foster care experience of Ma’Khia Bryant, the 16-year-old Black girl who police shot and killed on April 20.

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Social sector accreditor makes five critical hires.


Social Sector Accreditor Alliance-COA Makes Five Critical Hires

Alliance-COA, an organization that accredits and strengthen organizations in the social sector, has announced a set of critical new hires.


Minnesota Bill Would Remove Financial Burden of College for State’s Foster Youth

A bill being considered in the Minnesota Legislature would provide the state’s first-ever comprehensive support for students who are former foster youth.

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California Sen. Dianne Feinstein led a call to the Biden administration to aid transition-age foster youth, who were hit especially hard during the pandemic.


Senators Push Biden Administration to Aid Transitional Foster Youth

Thirteen senators led by Dianne Feinstein and Mark Warner called on the Biden administration to aid transition-age foster youth, who were hit especially hard during the pandemic.

Iowa will give one-time, $750 pandemic-relief checks to transition-aged foster youth.


Iowa Sending $750 Pandemic-Relief Checks to Transition-Age Foster Youth

The Iowa Department of Human Services is ready to cut checks to people between ages 18 and 26 who are or have been in the child welfare system — a one-time payment of $750 to help them help pay rent and utilities.

Writer Lawrence Ball reflects on the impact the Independent Living Program had on his life.


Roses 4 the Independent Living Program (ILP)

Lawrence Ball writes about the impact of the Independent Living Program. Photo courtesy of Ball.
During high school, I did not know anyone else who was in foster care. It was something that I did not want to broadcast, because I felt like I was the only foster kid at the school.

One of California's foster youth who received a free phone through iFoster's pilot program.


Free Phone Plans for California Foster Youth Likely to Become Permanent Program

The national nonprofit iFoster's free cell phone program has recently been evaluated by state officials with the Public Utilities Commission, which is recommending a $10 million ongoing investment and making the offering a permanent fixture for foster youth in California.