Transition Team


Los Angeles Supes Urged to Take Action on Maltreatment Prevention and Child Abuse Reporting System

On Tuesday, the transition team tasked with implementing the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Child Protection called on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to move faster toward increased child safety.


County Officials Still Unclear on Relative Caregiver Pay

During an important child protection meeting Monday, a deputy from Los Angeles County’s Chief Executive Office expressed concern that opting into millions of state money meant for relative caregivers could wind up costing the county.


Team Leading L.A. Child Protection Reform Defines Objectives

Despite the expected bureaucratic challenges that come with navigating Los Angeles County’s vast administration, the transition team appointed by the Board of Supervisors to oversee reforms to the child protection system showed clear signs of progress at a meeting last Friday.


In Los Angeles, Leaders Divided on How to Proceed with Child Welfare Reform

Amid continuing questions about its role and responsibilities, the transition team charged with guiding the implementation of reform in Los Angeles County’s vast child-welfare system issued its first report to the county Board of Supervisors on August 19.


Transition Team Considers Powers of New Child Welfare Czar

On Monday, July 28, debate about the qualities and powers of a leader for Los Angeles County’s new Office of Child Protection dominated discussions for the “transition team” charged with leading the county’s child welfare reform efforts.


Transition Team Starts Planning for a New Child Welfare Czar

On July 18, the transition team convened by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to follow through on a wide set of child welfare reforms met for the first time.