After a Series of Foster Care Hackathons, Here’s What Happened Next

Over the past 18 months, four foster care “hackathons” have explored how technology could be optimized to streamline child welfare systems and better serve youth and families. During that time, events in Washington, D.C.,


Bay Area Training Program Helps Survivors of Sex Trafficking Forge Careers in Tech

On a recent Tuesday in a brightly lit classroom in the San Francisco Bay Area, a roomful of students began a six-month computer skills course designed to change their lives. Referred by shelters for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in San Francisco and nearby Alameda County, the students at a nonprofit called AnnieCannons learn skills from basic digital literacy to coding.


New Podcast Series Advocates for Foster Youth

After leaving foster care, Jessica Francis had to grow up alone, often looking to Google for guidance. “I had to figure out a lot of things on my own,” Francis said in an interview on the Foster Movement Podcast, produced by the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO).


#HackFosterCareLA Brings Tech Lens to Country’s Largest Foster Care System

This weekend, over 200 people gathered at Fullscreen Media in Playa Vista for #HackFosterCareLA – Los Angeles’ iteration of the hackathon events that have been taking place across the country since last May at the White House.


Break Down Your Data Barriers

In the helping professions, few words elicit as strong and varied a reaction as “data.” Having strong outcome data to support your organization’s claims is essential, and there is immense value in using high quality information to guide your decision-making. 


Co-Designing a Healthy Future with Foster Youth and Families

David* is a foster youth alumni living in Washington, D.C. When he was eight years old, a neighbor saw him running in the street and called Child Protective Services. David was placed in foster care, and for the next ten years, he bounced from home to home, eventually losing faith in finding a permanent family, or being reunited with his biological caregiver.


    Managing the Flow: Predictive Analytics in Child Welfare

    At the intersection of two major Los Angeles freeways sits the county’s child abuse nerve center. Scores of workers are scattered at partitioned desks on the incredibly large fifth floor of this tall, drab building.


    Feds Chart Future for Antique Data Management Systems

    In the final year of the Obama administration, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) paved the way for states to move toward better data collection and analysis for children and youth involved in their child welfare systems.


    Silicon Valley Tech Leaders Inspire Our Hearts

    There’s more to Silicon Valley than just tech IPOs, self-driving cars or the best smart device. The great leaders of Silicon Valley also care deeply about their community and the children who are most vulnerable, particularly foster youth.