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New York City School Relies on Restorative Justice


A New York School Relies on Restorative Justice for Campus Disputes — and Children’s Futures

Through restorative justice circles, New York's Randolph Academy wants to help kids find a better way forward.

The Promise and Limits of Restorative Justice for Youth


The Promise and Limits of Restorative Justice for Youth

Restorative justice is now a standard offering across the U.S., increasingly used by schools and law enforcement to divert low-level juvenile offenders from the criminal justice system.

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Gordon Bazemore, one of the pioneers of restorative justice, a reconciliation-based system of addressing criminal behavior, has died.


Restorative Justice Pioneer Gordon Bazemore Remembered

Gordon Bazemore, a pioneer of restorative justice, a reconciliation-based system of addressing criminal behavior, has died.


Restorative Justice Leader sujatha baliga Named a MacArthur Genius

sujatha baliga, who helped build one of the nation’s most successful restorative juvenile justice programs in Oakland, Calif., is among this year’s MacArthur Fellows, an honor bestowed by the Chicago-based John D.

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Learn How to Hire Effectively for Restorative Juvenile Justice Programs

A national coalition of advocates for restorative justice, a strategy that brings offenders together with victims in the spirit of reconciliation, will host a webinar this Wednesday to discuss how to effectively hire youth work professionals for jobs in the restorative sector, particularly for school-based programs.


More Second Chances for Washington Youth with New Juvenile Justice Diversion Law

Advocates in Washington state are cheering the recent passage of a newly signed bill that aims to bolster the state’s efforts to divert youth from the juvenile justice system by broadening the types of cases eligible for diversion and strengthening the network of community-based service providers.


    Counselors, Not Cops: Advocates Urge LAUSD to Increase Restorative Justice Funding

    In the 2016-17 school year, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) budgeted $67.34 million of its $13.5 billion budget for school police. Restorative justice programming, meant to help improve student behavior and provide alternatives to suspensions, expulsions, and arrests, received only $10.81 million.


    Study Finds High School Suspension Rates Cost U.S. Billions

    How much does the high school dropout rate cost the United States as a whole? In a recent study, “The High Cost of Harsh Discipline and Its Disparate Impact,” researchers Russell W.


    A Brave New Approach to Justice for Youth

    Socially conscious documentary film production company A Brave New Films recently released the first installment of its Restorative Justice Series. With over 8,000 children in California juvenile probation facilities, restorative justice has emerged as a more compassionate, more successful, and more cost-effective alternative to the punitive justice system currently failing our nation’s youths.