Victor, Not Victim, of Circumstances


More Resources for Juvenile Justice-Impacted Foster Youth

I had all kinds of experiences resulting from the negative impact of not having adequate resources as a foster youth, writes Deshawn Rankins.

Kids with Disabilities Deserve Adoptions with Loving Foster Families


The High Cost of Life After Foster Care

Even if one does not attend traditional college, there are other options available for youth exiting foster care, writes Kiana Deane.

The Child Welfare System Fails to Provide Affirming Care and Protection to Transgender Youth


The Child Welfare System Fails to Provide Affirming Care and Protection to Transgender Youth

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more transgender people have been killed than ever before, writes J. Iñiguez.   

Foster Youth Face Big Barriers to Access Resources


Foster Youth Face Big Barriers to Access Resources

Unfortunately, foster youth are not accessing the majority of local county resources, writes Thomisha Rader.


Child Sex Trafficking Needs Demand-Side Solutions

As long as demand for the commercial sex markets remains strong, reductions in incidences of child sex trafficking should not be expected. Attempts to combat drug trafficking and abuse have proven to be costly and ineffective by aiming at supply and distribution.

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How Youth are Beating Incredible Odds

During a recent conversation with Thomas Lee, the director of Youth Moving On, Hillsides program of services for youth 18-25 formerly in former foster or probation, it became obvious that the odds against these young people are significant.


    Toolkits on Juvenile Justice Logic Model and Sustainability

    The National Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center has produced three toolkits for juvenile justice practitioners, service providers and grant makers: Logic Model Toolkit This toolkit discusses the basics of logic models, including the purpose and development of a logic model, what elements should and should not be included, and common pitfalls.


    A Clever Campaign to Help Aged-Out Foster Youth

    The Camellia Network, a multi-state organization that seeks and identifies resources for youths aging out of foster care, kicked off it first annual “Great Fall Rally” this week to push for donors willing to support former foster youth early in the academic calendar.


    Federal Response: Watching Child Abuse Online

    On July 21st, The Imprint published an article concerning incidents of possible child abuse or neglect appearing on social media. Reporter Justin Pye made mention of several incidents where Internet video posts of children using marijuana had prompted local police and child protective services to be involved.