Learning from Great Britain’s Efforts to End Child Poverty

Results from Great Britain’s experiments in successfully reducing child poverty provide a blueprint for the U.S. to do the same, according to Columbia University researcher Jane Waldfogel. But waning enthusiasm for this initiative in England threatens its success.


Is Emotional Abuse as Harmful as Physical and Sexual Abuse?

A pair of recent studies asserts that psychological abuse may be as harmful as other forms of child maltreatment, including physical and sexual abuse. Although researchers describe emotional abuse of children as widely prevalent, it has not always been seen as serious or as damaging as other forms of maltreatment.


CW360°: Attending to Well Being in Child Welfare

The most recent edition of CW360° from the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare focuses on well-being issues as they relate to dealing with trauma. Experts in the field focus on research, policy recommendations and practice strategies to help children and families enjoy improved outcomes.


Separation From a Parent Through Age 16 As a Contributing Factor to Severe Mental Health Conditions in a General Population Study in the U.S.

SSWR held their 2013 annual conference January 16-20th. This conference focused on the contributing factors to severe mental health conditions in foster youth, such as the outcomes of youth being separated from parents and youth at risk for developing severe mental health conditions in adulthood.