Judges in “Kids for Cash” Scandal Must Compensate Families, Court Decides


Judges in “Kids for Cash” Scandal Must Compensate Families

Two former judges were ordered to pay $206 million to hundreds of families whose children were victimized by their scheme to send kids to for-profit jails to receive kickbacks.

Pennsylvania Parents Sue State Over “Unconstitutional” Child Abuse Registry


Pennsylvania Parents Sue State Over “Unconstitutional” Child Abuse Registry

A group of parents and nonprofits is suing the Pennsylvania child welfare agency over its practice of placing people on a child abuse registry without a hearing.

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A Court Reminds Us of the Obvious: Probable Cause Counts in Child Welfare Cases, Too

Kudos to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for siding with parents' Fourth Amendment rights in child welfare cases, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling for Mom in Child Welfare Case


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling in Child Welfare Case

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that child welfare agencies must have probable cause to search a parent's home amid anonymous allegations.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling for Mom in Child Welfare Case


Bipartisan Task Force Calls for Juvenile Justice Overhaul in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system needs an overhaul to address pervasive violence and racial disparities, according to a bipartisan task force report.

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Juvenile Detention Population Plummeted as the Pandemic Spread, Survey Suggests

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country in March, the number of juveniles in pretrial detention fell by nearly a quarter, according to a survey of government agencies in 30 states released Thursday. 


    This Election Day, a Victim’s Rights Amendment Could Impact Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System

    Tuesday’s election offers us many opportunities to make change — from candidates to resolutions. One of most importance to me personally and professionally is Pennsylvania’s ballot referendum on Marsy’s Law, a proposed Constitutional amendment that would “grant certain rights to crime victims, including being treated with fairness, respect and dignity.”

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    Foster Care Threatened for School Lunch Debt in Pennsylvania’s ‘Kids for Cash’ County

    In a very local story that appropriately went viral, even prompting a comment from a sitting U.S. Senator, a Pennsylvania school district threatened to place children in foster care if their parents did not pay off their school lunch bills.


    Hearings: More Money for Legal Counsel Won’t Fix Broken Court Processes

    A recent policy change at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services now allows for child welfare systems to draw federal funds to help pay for the legal counsel of all children and birth parents involved in the child welfare systems.