Paul DiLorenzo

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Child Welfare Workers Can’t Learn from History if It Isn’t Taught

Paul DiLorenzo writes about the lack of effort to educate the modern child welfare workforce about the history preceding them

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When Capacity Doesn’t Match Ability, We Doom Communities to Fail

As it stands, Paul DiLorenzo writes, we are underestimating the potential capacity of many communities and overestimating their current ability to help.

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The Six Circles of Uncertainty

Paul DiLorenzo describes six circles of uncertainty in the child welfare system that create an orbit of frustration for families


Needed in Child Welfare Leadership: Chief Trust Officer

Paul DiLorenzo envisions the role of chief trust officer as nonprofits in the child welfare space engage the community more intensely

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Questioning the Inevitability of a Child Welfare Surge

A number of child welfare professionals and advocates are predicting a surge of cases as states begin to see a reduction in stay at home restrictions. The thinking is that large numbers of children who are currently hidden from the eyes of those most likely to report signs of suspected abuse or neglect, will be seen again by teachers, day care and recreational professionals.


Reimagining Our ‘Newest’ Family Support Model

For the past three decades I have been involved in the development of family resource centers, community-based facilities that serve as a gateway to critical supports and services for families. They existed long before I began that work, and our social work profession was founded on the back of settlement houses that were part of a broader reform movement starting with Jane Addams in 1889.