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Long-term Mentoring Group Opening New Offices in Colorado, Montana


Long-term Mentoring Group Will Open New Offices in Colorado, Montana

A group that offers long-term professional mentoring to kids at risk of getting trapped in the child welfare system is opening new offices.

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National Youth Mentoring Organization Receives $6 Million Gift

A philanthropic gift of $6 million should mean a significant bump in the number of kids who will benefit from one-on-one adult mentoring through Friends of the Children.

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National Youth Mentoring Model Faces Rigorous Final Test

Los Angeles Friend Marquis spending one-on-one time at the playground with his youths. Photo: Friends of the Children—Los Angeles
A federal grant will allow for the completion of a major study on the effect of long-term professional mentoring on at-risk youth. 


Michael Jordan Helps Get a Big Win for Mentoring Program that Works with At-Risk Youth

Friends of the Children, a Portland-based nonprofit that provides paid, intensively trained mentors to at-risk youth for more than 12 years, just got a boost to its national expansion campaign from basketball legend Michael Jordan.


Donors Bet Big on Paid Mentoring. Does It Work?

Mentoring saved 41-year-old Gary Clemons’ life. Separated from his mother at age 5, running with violent gangs at 15, father to a visually disabled child at 19, and homeless at 24 — Clemons couldn’t imagine that the mentors who helped him mount these challenges would guide him on to help lead possibly the most hyped and fastest-growing mentorship program in the nation: Friends of the Children.


Friends of the Children Hires Leader for New Los Angeles Branch

Friends of the Children, a nonprofit that provides paid, intensively trained mentors to at-risk youth for more than a decade-long stints, has just named an executive director for their new Los Angeles affiliate.


    Paid Mentors, Big Plans: Terri Sorensen on Friends of the Children’s Growth Strategy

    The Portland-based mentoring nonprofit Friends of the Children (FOTC) is embarking on an ambitious expansion this year, adding five new locations to its current roster of 11 cities. FOTC pairs vulnerable children — such as foster youth, children of teen parents — with a trained, paid Friends employee for 12 years.