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Family First Clearinghouse Approves Two New Services, Will Reconsider Ohio Kinship Navigator


First Kinship Support Model Gains Approval by Family First Clearinghouse

After three years, a kinship navigator model has finally gained approval from the clearinghouse for Family First Act services


Do Not Diminish the Importance of Small Beginnings

Paul DiLorenzo laments that fact that tremendous community innovations in child welfare is not a focal point of efforts to reform the system

Collaborative Models Can Better Serve Families


Moving Child Welfare from A Reaction to A Response

One benefit of an extended career in child welfare settings is that you begin to understand the concept of capacity. I’m not offering this as sage advice or cynical wisdom, nor as a pup social worker who is naïve and imagines that every family and every system can be set on the right track. 

Montana, South Carolina Unlock Millions in Federal Family First Act Funds


Family First Act’s Standards Are Not Culturally Inclusive

Child welfare philanthropic and policy organizations across the country have started to make investments to address racial disparity and disproportionality. Some of these investments include disaggregating data by race, policy and practice reviews, and community engagement.

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State Watchdog Says Nebraska Should Break Contract for Case Management


Nebraska’s Foster Care Prevention Plan Approved by Feds

Nebraska is about to greatly enhance its prevention aimed at building up families and curbing the state’s use of foster care. The state announced last week that the federal government has approved its plan to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act, a move that will allow Nebraska to tap into more money and services for families and children.


Use Federal Child Welfare Funds to Prevent Family Housing Crises

The economic shutdowns, imposed by the government in an effort to keep Americans safe, have levied severe financial stress upon families. According to a study by Columbia University, an additional 8 million households have plunged into poverty.

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    Family First Clearinghouse Approves Two New Services, Will Reconsider Ohio Kinship Navigator


    Clearinghouse Abruptly Downgrades Family Centered Treatment

    In December 2019, supporters of the Family Centered Treatment (FCT) model received the news so many child welfare programs are hoping for these days: it was approved for federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act.

    Family First Act


    Biden Should Keep Jerry Milner at Children’s Bureau

    The election of former Vice President Joe Biden provides an opportunity to end the war against poor families waged by the Trump administration. President Trump sought to deny millions of Americans – including children – health care, food stamps and cash assistance.

    Collaborative Models Can Better Serve Families


    Moving Away from Top-Down Leadership in Child Welfare

    Paul DiLorenzo, interim executive director of the Philadelphia Children’s Alliance.
    The trust level between child welfare leaders and local partners will be a key factor in predicting success for any neighborhood-based family support efforts emerging from a Family First Act planning process.