Continuum of Care Reform

Jim Roberts


Revisiting California’s Continuum of Care Reform Initiative

About three years ago I wrote an article published by The Imprint entitled “California’s Continuum of Care Reform – Will It Produce as Promised?” So has it? The goal of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) was to reduce group home placements by shifting foster youth to family-based services.


The Top 10 Ways to Lose a Foster Parent

As California continues to implement sweeping changes to its child welfare system through its Continuum of Care Reform, fewer youth are placed in group homes. But the demand for supportive family homes continues to increase.


After Veto, California’s Crisis Hotline for Foster Youth is Back in Play

A plan to establish a statewide 24/7 crisis hotline and mobile response system for California foster youth and caregivers has been given new life in the state legislature’s new budget after former Gov.


Was California’s $140 Million Foster Parent Recruitment Fund a Boon, or Boondoggle?

California has spent about $140 million over the past three-plus years to find more foster homes for the state’s most vulnerable children, but some advocates are worried that these foster parent recruitment funds were not much more than a giveaway to county child welfare departments, with little oversight from the state and an uncertain impact.


Brown Signs Law to Ease Licensing Path for Relatives, Vetoes Foster Care Mobile Response Plan

As California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) prepares to leave office at the end of the year, the last round of child welfare legislation under his watch includes a new law to ease the path of relative caregivers under the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR), the major child welfare initiative developed during his time as governor.


L.A. County Looks to Business Sector Strategy to Recruit and Retain Foster Parents

Los Angeles County has endorsed a new plan to attract and retain prospective foster parents: treat them like customers. The county Board of Supervisors approved a $50,000 contract Tuesday with RaiseAChild (RAC), an organization that recruits and provides support for foster families in Southern California, to develop a digital customer relationship manager (CRM).


    California Alliance Leader Schroeder Leaving in January

    Carroll Schroeder will step down from his longtime post as executive director of the California Alliance of Child and Family Services early next year, retiring after what will be 18 years with the organization.


    Facing a Backlog, Los Angeles Hires Pittsburgh Kinship Nonprofit to Help Relative Caregivers

    Los Angeles County has hired a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit to help more relative caregivers through the foster care certification process as the county runs up against a looming state deadline. On Tuesday, the county’s Board of Supervisors approved a $400,000 request to hire A Second Chance, Inc.,

    Foundation Launches Initiative to ‘Disrupt’ Child Welfare


    New California Budget Sees Big Child Welfare Investments

    California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed a $200 billion budget last week that includes significant investments for the state’s child welfare and juvenile justice systems, though many of those are on a one-time basis.