Colleges rush to sign students up for food stamps, as pandemic rules make more eligible


Colleges Rush to Sign Students Up for Food Stamps, As Pandemic Rules Make More Eligible

More than a third of California college students report experiencing food insecurity, but a federal pandemic relief bill made more of them eligible for CalFresh.


Paperwork Problems Keep Hungry Californians from Getting Food Stamps

Enrollment in California’s food stamp program, known as CalFresh, hit a record high in the spring of 2020. But new research found that more than half of state’s recipients leave the program early.


Grocery Money Zips Straight to California’s Needy Students Amid School Closures

As lines for food banks stretch for miles and millions of Californians apply for unemployment in record numbers amid the coronavirus pandemic, a new anti-hunger program is giving families debit cards to keep their fridges and pantries stocked.


Clearing a Road to Permanency and Stability for L.A. County Foster Youth

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is slated to consider two motions to improve permanency and food security among transition-age foster youth. Tomorrow’s proposed initiatives are the latest in a series of motions focused on improving outcomes for foster youth as they age out of L.A.


Walter S. Johnson Foundation Named Philanthropist of the Year by California Community Colleges

The Walter S. Johnson Foundation (WSJF) has been named the 2018 Bernard Osher Philanthropist of the Year for its work to support foster youth in California’s community colleges. WSJF – which is a funder of Fostering Media Connections, the parent organization of The Imprint – was key in expanding the Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI), which connects foster youth to financial aid and other services to help them succeed in school and provides support from people who understand the unique challenges foster youth face in college.