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What No One Told You About Aging Out and Exiting the Juvenile Justice System


What No One Told You About Aging Out and Exiting the Juvenile Justice System

Young people who leave the child welfare or juvenile justice systems often face significant challenges, writes Deddtrease Edwards.


The New Year’s Cliff for California Foster Care Requires a Community Solution

On New Year's Day, Serita Cox of iFoster writes, thousands of older youth in California foster care will age out the system. The community must come together to help.

We Need to Train Child Welfare Workers to Help Heal Trauma from Foster Care


Child Welfare Ideas from the Experts

The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program (FYI), a group of 11 former foster youths who have completed congressional internships.


She Wrote the Book on Surviving Foster Care as a Black Kid

Ángela Quijada-Banks wants to make sure no one ages out of foster care like she did. When she left North Carolina’s foster care system as a teen, she had to scramble to find housing, just days before the start of her college classes.

congressA Federal Bill Could Boost Funds for Home Visiting Program for Parents


‘The Forgotten Students’: Report Calls on Congress to Help Hard-hit Foster Youth on Campus

The COVID-19 pandemic is threatening to crush the college dreams of thousands of people who will soon be aging out of foster care, and Congress must take urgent steps to avoid these devastating outcomes, according to a report being released this week.


Chapin Hall: Program for Foster Youth Transitioning Out Shows Promise

A Northern California county has developed a potentially promising model for helping older foster youth learn skills critical to making a successful transition to adulthood and avoiding homelessness, according to a new assessment by a leading child-welfare research organization.

    The United States Capitol


    Bills Would Add $520 Million to Support Older Foster Youth, Help Prevent Aging Out

    House leadership on child welfare introduced two bills today that would increase funds for older foster youth and help states prevent teens and young adults in foster care from aging out of the system during the coronavirus pandemic.


    MARCH 19, 3:30 PM EST: Top Trump Child Welfare Official and Former Foster Youth will Host COVID-19 Town Hall

    On Thursday, March 19, Jerry Milner of the federal Children’s Bureau is teaming up with former foster youth and tech entrepreneur Sixto Cancel to co-host a virtual town hall inviting foster youth to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus. 


    NFL’s Ty Montgomery, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Star Santino Fontana Celebrate Pioneering Foster Youth Nonprofit

    New York Jets running back Ty Montgomery, TV actor Santino Fontana from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and a host of Broadway’s biggest stars lit up the stage last Thursday at Voices for the Voiceless, a musical benefit celebrating the 25th anniversary of nonprofit You Gotta Believe.