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Foster Youth Interning in Congress Want Laws Improving Health Care, Greater Access to Benefits


2023 Spending Deal: What’s In It for Youth and Families

Another year, another omnibus spending deal thrown together with little deliberate committee work in either chamber.


New York Legislature Unites Behind $3 Billion Pitch for Child Care

Sen. Jabari Brisport, left, at a stop on his Child Care Listening Tour last fall. Photo courtesy of Brisport’s office
On Friday, the two chambers of the New York State Legislature announced they will press Democratic Gov.

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Absolutes Hurt the Conversation on Bettering Child Welfare

Child welfare is complex and professionals who write about the field should focus on substance over blame, writes Paul DiLorenzo.

California Rep. Karen Bass Joins Los Angeles Mayoral Race


Historic Bill Would Remove Federal Requirement to Terminate Parental Rights in Some Cases

A bill introduced before Congress would allow states to decide whether to seek the termination of parental rights in child welfare cases.

Report Details Abuse at For-Profit Youth Residential Centers


Behavioral Health Contractor Sequel Absorbs Two Blows

The for-profit Sequel Youth & Family Services faces regulatory and legal complaints for its management of residential care facilities for teens.


Court Records Show COVID-19’s Psychological Toll on Puerto Rico’s Incarcerated Youth

As pandemic lockdowns dragged on, youth in lockups sought to harm themselves. A federal judge has called the situation "constitutionally unacceptable."


    Missouri Governor Signs Foster Care and Adoption Tax Breaks

    Missourians who adopt children or take in foster kids will get meaningful tax breaks in the future since Gov. Mike Parson signed a pair of bills this week amid a rare legislative session in which child welfare is a major priority.


    West Virginia Foster Care Ombudsman Reports Rampant Fear of Retaliation

    More than 90% of parents and foster parents who asked for an investigation into problems they had while dealing with the West Virginia foster care system in the recent past said they did so despite fear of retaliation, according to a news account based on the ombudsperson’s first-ever report.


    Write the Truth and Show the Pain of Child Sexual Abuse

    As professionals who deal with maltreatment cases in a variety of forums, we write about child sexual abuse. Our audience includes attorneys, social workers, health and education professionals, and sometimes the general public.