Best of 2021

Supreme Court ICWA


Top Stories of 2021: The Future of Tribal Child Welfare

This year, it became likely that the Supreme Court will hear Brackeen v. Halaand, a case that puts tribal sovereignty and the Indian Child Welfare Act on the line.

United Nations Committee Suggests the U.S. Change or Repeal Major Child Welfare Policies


Top Stories of 2021: A Big Year for Parental Rights

Early legal counsel, the termination of parental rights, and ideas around peer support were among the issues The Imprint covered in 2021.

Out of State, Out of Mind


Top Stories of 2021: Hidden Foster Care

Throughout 2021, The Imprint continued reporting on how the shadow system of hidden foster care impacts parents, relatives and children.

A Teen Remains At Large After Five Flee a Washington Youth Prison


Top Stories of 2021: Schools Ponder Discipline, The Role of Law Enforcement

As in-person learning resumed in schools, an increase in concerning incidents had some districts reconsidering their choices to remove campus police.


The Best of The Imprint Weekly Podcast, 2021 Edition

We had some amazing guests join us on The Imprint Weekly Podcast this year, and we reviewed the entire 2021 archive to bring you clips from some of the very best!

Honoring the Life of Ma’Khia Bryant: An Ombudsperson for Foster Youth in Ohio


Top Stories of 2021: Remembering Ma’Khia Bryant

When 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant was killed by police in April, it raised questions about how the teen came to be in the home of a stranger.

    Families Saved Money After California County Nixed Youth Justice Fees


    Top Stories of 2021: The Fight Against Fines and Fees

    A national campaign has been launched to push back against the practice of issuing fines and fees to the families of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

    Color-blind Removal Approach Gains National Interest


    Top Stories of 2021: Color-blind Removal Approach Gains National Interest

    Driven by evidence that child welfare system judges parents of color more harshly, there is growing interest in a color-blind approach.

    Testing Universal Basic Income for Foster Youth


    Top Stories of 2021: Testing Universal Basic Income for Foster Youth

    In 2021, California has become a testing ground for universal basic income programs for youth aging out of foster care.