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Social Work College Dean, a Foster Care Critic, Removed from His Post in Texas

University of Houston Professor Alan Dettlaff says his “abolish CPS” activism is the reason for his removal as dean.

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Crowning Gift Means $75 Million for University of Chicago School of Social Services

The University of Chicago’s social services school received a massive gift from the family of James and Paula Crown. Photo courtesy of University of Chicago
The University of Chicago’s school of social work has just received the promise of a “landmark” $75 million gift, the largest ever offered to an American school of social work, the university announced Wednesday.


Our Time To Rise as Advocates: Social Workers Seeking Justice

Rogers Campbell. My grandfather’s name still haunts the people who loved him the most. Killed in 1987. Hog tied. Placed in a choke hold. Died. Then the system denied excessive force.


Deeper Self-Reflection Is Needed Around the Role of Social Work in Police Reform

Proposals to reform police activity have grown exponentially in the wake of protests following the death of George Floyd. Many proposals would elevate social work and related community services. In order to be part of the solution to police reform, social workers must recognize and remedy the ways that we are guilty of upholding racial disparities.


We Haven’t Been This Afraid Since Hurricane Katrina

My name is Aliyah Zeien and I live in Hammond, Louisiana. Louisiana has one of the highest growth rates per capita of COVID-19 in the country, although right now New York has the most total cases.

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Motivational Interviewing Becomes Tenth Approved Service Under Family First Act

A process used by social workers and other professionals to inspire the confidence and desire to change in clients has been cleared for federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act, which mostly took effect last month.

    Avoiding Mis-Assessment in Child Welfare


    A Need for Fresh Ideas on Training the Child Welfare Workforce

    The path to training America’s child welfare workforce often begins with more generalized training on how to be a social worker. Frequently, this preliminary work is done on college campuses, where bachelor’s or master’s degree programs are offered.

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    A New Digital Library to Help Train Social Workers, Attorneys on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice

    A trove of court and casework footage is now available for agencies and universities looking to make child welfare and juvenile justice training more dynamic. Calamari Productions, the small production company quietly behind several award-winning documentaries and TV shows about those two fields, has made its massive archive of system-related footage available for educational licensing through “Calamari in the Classroom.”


    Putting the Child Back in Child Welfare

    It was the dead kids who inspired me to leave my comfortable, well-paid job as a researcher and become a child welfare social worker. Kids like Adrian Jones, Zymere Perkins and Yonatan Aguilar, who were killed by their parents after months or years of abuse.