Don’t Let Foster Care Contracts Open a Back Door to Discrimination

States should draft their child welfare contracts to prevent a back-door entrance for taxpayer-funded discrimination, writes Daniele Gerard.

Michigan Settles With Catholic Foster Care Charity But Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Community


Michigan Settles With Catholic Foster Care Charity But Affirms Commitment to LGBTQ Community

Michigan will again contract with foster agencies that don't work with LGBTQ couples due to a Supreme Court decision, but the state reiterated its support of these families.

The Imprint Tracks Political Actions Against LGBTQ Youth: A Timeline


LGBTQ Foster Youth in Texas Suffer Years of Political Attacks and Scaled Back Protections

The political attacks on LGBTQ youth in the Texas foster care system began years ago and continue today, resulting in fewer protections and resources.

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Biden Team Reverses Trump Rule on Foster Placement


Biden Team Reverses Trump Rule on Faith-Based Discrimination in Foster Placement

The Biden administration has revoked a Trump-era waiver that exempted federally funded foster care providers from following nondiscrimination rules.

Biden Team Reverses Trump Rule on Foster Placement


Human Rights Campaign Foundation Highlights LGBTQ-Affirming Care for Youth Nationwide

Leading LGBTQ civil rights organization Human Rights Campaign Foundation recently released its 2021 Change-Makers Report.


Supreme Court Casts Hopeful Vision for a Divided Nation

For many commentators, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia seemed merely another salvo in our country’s unceasing culture wars — a zero-sum conflict in which only one side can win. I’d argue just the opposite. In a moment when society seems to be pul

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Supreme Court Says Philadelphia Violated Catholic Child Welfare Group’s First Amendment Rights

The unanimous decision in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia found that by requiring Catholic Social Services to approve the homes of same-sex couples, it had violated the faith-based organization’s rights.


Faith in the Future: Welcoming LGBTQ Kin, Foster and Adoptive Parents

Over the past year and a half, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has brought faith leaders together to discuss the needs of young people in foster care. We have learned a lot from one another, but one lesson stands out: Much more unites than divides those of us in the faith, child welfare and philanthropic communities. 


Leading Christian Foster Care And Adoption Nonprofit Pledges To Work With LGBTQ Families

Credit: Bethany Christian Services
One of the largest evangelical foster care and adoption agencies in the nation will now serve LGBTQ families everywhere it operates — a landmark shift in the child welfare field, where deep and enduring ties to faith communities have come into conflict with recent anti-discrimination laws and high court rulings.