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Indiana Slams Lawsuit Against Child Welfare Agency as Ambush, Unnecessary

Last week, Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) officials told Youth Services Insider that it did not plan to comment on the class-action lawsuit filed against it. But it must not have loved what was being said by the other side, because DCS Director Terry Stigdon took to YouTube today with some sharp remarks for the groups involved in the lawsuit.


Firm Files Lawsuit Against Indiana’s Child Welfare System

Indiana has one of the highest foster care removal rates in the country. Its child welfare system has been stressed more than most by the effects of the opioid epidemic. Its former child welfare director resigned in protest, warning that children would die without new spending and priorities.


Hearings: How to Responsibly Open the Child Welfare Courtroom

Part one of this series discussed the historical nature of confidentiality, followed by a discussion of the societal forces that have changed including technologic advances, public and private communication such as social networking, increasing pressure on openness and transparency in government, and the growing need for support for resources including funding, staffing and leadership.


Hearings: The Era of Closed Courtrooms Should End

For more than a century, there has been a tradition of maintaining confidentiality in the juvenile and family courts, where abuse, neglect, juvenile delinquency, and even paternity cases are held. In various forms, virtually every county or jurisdiction in every state has a specific court or judge designated to hear issues related to children and families.


In Court, Children are Unseen and Unheard

My 16-year old client – a young woman who had already spent several years in foster care – just wanted to share her story in court. She hoped to tell the judge the ways in which group home staff were mistreating her.


    Indiana Extends Foster Care to 23, Ponders Ways to Speed Up Adoptions

    While lawmakers push Indiana’s child welfare agency to speed up and support adoptions, the state has green-lit a plan to extend the length of time youth can remain in foster care.


    Lawsuit Seeks Constitutional Right to Counsel for Kids in Three Indiana Counties

    In a lawsuit that could theoretically set a precedent for legal guarantees in child welfare proceedings, a team of lawyers wants to force three Indiana counties to provide lawyers to all youth involved with the child welfare system.

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    Arizona Tribe Cements Relationship with State On Indian Child Welfare Custody Cases


    State Actions on Indian Child Welfare Act Since Federal Judge Struck It Down

    As we reported last week, several tribes have appealed the recent ruling striking down the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), and are asking the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to issue a stay on the lower court’s ruling until the appeal is decided on.