Susan Dreyfus Leaving Alliance for Strong Families and Communities in 2020

Susan Dreyfus, CEO for Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, will step down in 2020, the organization announced this week. “I’ve been talking with the board about this transition for much of the year,” Dreyfus said in a press release.


New York City Child Welfare Agency Will Use Former Cops to Gauge Domestic Violence Risk

For New York’s Administration of Children Services (ACS), retired law enforcement officers have been working in-house since 2007 to advise their roughly 1,700 caseworkers. Today, the ACS will announce that these former cops are getting a broader child welfare beat that includes assessing the risk brought on by new adults moving into households served by the agency.

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Rapid Safety Feedback’s Rapid Ascent

In a piece published last week by The Imprint, Casey Family Programs Vice President David Sanders called on federal and state government to “work collaboratively toward realizing our nation’s goal of protecting vulnerable children from abuse and neglect.”


Policy and Practice Changes Form Around National Strategy to Reduce Fatalities and Improve Child Safety

When the President and Congress asked the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF) to develop a national strategy to eliminate child maltreatment fatalities in 2014, we knew the task would not be easy.


IV-E Change Needed, But Not in Block Grant Form

Much attention has been paid recently, and alarm bells sounded, at the expressed plans of the Trump administration and Congress to eliminate programs and cut back on entitlements that support the poorest and most vulnerable American families and children.


Applying Safety Science to Child Welfare

The recent explosion of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on the launch pad triggered a series of steps to identify the source of the disaster and ensure it never happens again.

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    The Future of Fatality Prevention

    At last week’s Wicked Problems Institute session in Chicago, attendees received a briefing from Amy Templeman, one of the lead staffers on the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF).

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    Notes from Wicked Problems: Big Data on Trauma, Solution-Based Casework, and More

    Note: This column was updated on November 6 It was a big week in Chicago. The Cubs finally broke through and won the World Series, and all of the intractable problems with child welfare were fixed.

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    HHS Connects Predictive Analytics Contract to Child Fatality Commission

    As we reported Thursday, the Department of Health and Human Services responded with a lukewarm reception to the recommendations of the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities (CECANF). One of CECANF’s highlighted recommendations was that HHS work with states to conduct five-year reviews of maltreatment-related fatalities, and develop plans to improve fatality prevention.