Girl Who Got Her Voice Back


Girl Who Got Her Voice Back

I started feeling like nothing was going to change. I switched caseworkers, but the cycle of being unheard continued, writes Cheyanna Click.


Child Welfare Professionals Must Embrace a Culture of Scrutiny

Last week, NBC ran a troubling story involving Wisconsin doctor John Cox, who lost custody of his daughter after he accidentally fell asleep on top of her. He feared he broke her collarbone so he immediately called his wife, also a doctor.


Rare Charges Against Child Welfare Workers to Proceed in L.A. Child’s Death

While child welfare agencies are involved in litigation when children known to the system die, it is highly rare that criminal charges are leveled against the actual employees carrying out services in the community or in foster care.

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An Unknown in the Opioid-Child Welfare Nexus: Use By Workers

As The Imprint was recently rolling out a series of stories on how child welfare systems respond to drug addiction, Youth Services Insider read a great piece about how the worsening opioid epidemic was affecting another industry.

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Federal Court Case Asks: Is it Against Constitution for Caseworkers to Lie?

Is it constitutional for a caseworker to lie in court? If that question comes across to you as one with an obvious answer, consider that a court case on the subject is one stop away from the U.S.


A First, But Incomplete, Measure of Adoption Success

2016 could be the first year that America has clear, nationwide information about the success rate of adoptions from foster care. But the game plan for tracking this at the federal level might not capture the whole story; maybe not even half of it.

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    First-Ever National Discussion on Broken Adoptions: October 23

    The Children’s Law Center of New York (CLCNY) will hold what Youth Services Insider believes is the first national event focused on a major blind spot in child welfare services: what happens when adoptions from foster care go bad?


    For Foster Youth in Mass., A Long Wait for What’s Right

    If a person went to a hospital emergency room and wasn’t treated for days or months, we would all be outraged. If there were inadequate numbers of staff to treat us, or a family member or friend, we would demand that the hospital be equipped to do its job.