Adoption and Safe Families Act

California Rep. Karen Bass Joins Los Angeles Mayoral Race


Historic Bill Would Remove Federal Requirement to Terminate Parental Rights in Some Cases

A bill introduced before Congress would allow states to decide whether to seek the termination of parental rights in child welfare cases.

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Nathalia Gibbs Tapped to Coordinate Campaign to Repeal 1997 Adoption Law


Nathalia Gibbs Tapped to Coordinate Campaign to Repeal 1997 Adoption Law

A campaign announced in March to seek repeal of the Adoption and Safe Families Act has brought in a strategist to lead the effort.

Vivek Sankaran.


Changing the Child Welfare System Starts With Reframing Our View of Families

While conversations about statutory reforms in child welfare are important and will hopefully result in meaningful change, questions linger.


Mother’s Day Celebration Outside L.A. County Jail Sends Hope to Women Inside

Angelique Evans of the Young Women’s Freedom addresses the crowd on Friday. Photo: Jeremy Loudenback
Dozens of women wearing T-shirts emblazoned with “Free Black Mamas” logos and shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” circled a Los Angeles County women’s jail in cars Friday, a public demonstration calling attention to the struggles of incarcerated mothers and their efforts to reunify with children placed in foster care. 

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Campaign Begins to Repeal Major Federal Child Welfare Law

Artwork created for the Repeal ASFA campaign by visual artist Jahmel R.
Activists are preparing to embark on a national campaign aimed at repealing the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA), bipartisan legislation passed in the late 1990s in an effort to prevent children from languishing in foster care. 


Let’s Root Out Racism in Child Welfare, Too

This is a moment that should not be wasted. Seemingly everyone who wants to be on Martin Luther King Jr.’s side of the arc of justice has issued uncommonly strong criticism of structural racism in the United States, including many who have played an outsize role in shaping America’s child welfare system.


Timely Permanency and the Appellate Process

The child welfare system has a problem that is rarely mentioned in the literature. Children wait too long for permanency, and the problem is exasperated by the age of the children.

Diane Savino Staten Island New York Senate Preserving FAmily Bonds State Central Regist


New York’s Savino to Governor Cuomo: Allow Kid Contact For Parents Who Lose Rights

Diane Savino is the rare kind of politician: she’s known for her impassioned, sometimes salty candor, and for her granular knowledge of the foster care system. The Democratic New York State Senator for Staten Island spent five years in the early 1990s working for the city, knocking on the doors of parents accused of abusing or neglecting their children.


Florida Congresswoman Joins Congressional Coalition on Adoption

Rep. Donna Shalala (D-Fla.) became the newest co-chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption (CCA) earlier this week. The largest bicameral, bipartisan congressional member organization, CCA focuses on issues related to adoption and foster care, as well as domestic and international child welfare.