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Roxanna Asgarian

Roxanna Asgarian is a freelance journalist based in Houston, Texas.


Strengthening Parents’ Rights: New York City Child Welfare Agency Says Not So Fast

The city's Administration for Children’s Services sought changes that advocates say essentially gutted CPS reform bills.


Washington Supreme Court: ‘Meaningful Preference’ for Kin Is Required

The Washington Supreme Court used a recent case involving a 6-year-old boy separated from his family to set new expectations in the state for prioritizing kinship care in the child welfare system.


The Forgotten Children of Texas

Each year, thousands of foster children in Texas are shuffled into little-known “treatment centers” where they are frequently neglected and abused. State officials have largely ignored allegations of wrongdoing and calls for reform.

Texas Legislature Digs Into Problems at Child Protective Agency


Texas Prepares for $26 Million Hit on Residential Foster Care

Texas State Capitol in Austin.
Despite being mired in a federal lawsuit largely focused on children in group placements, the state’s child welfare agency seems likely to give up federal funds rather than meet new requirements for residential foster care. 


Hundreds of Texas Residential Care Facilities Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 among children in Texas’ long-term foster care system has been rampant, particularly in residential care facilities, and the pandemic has left more than five dozen kids without a bed to sleep in, a new report filed in federal court shows. 


Judge Holds Texas Child Welfare in Contempt … Again

Calling the lack of compliance “stunning,” U.S. District Judge Janis Jack again held Texas in contempt of court Friday for failing to comply with court-ordered reforms of the state’s foster care system.


Drug Testing the Whole Family

In the final hour of a daylong Health and Human Services committee meeting for the Texas House of Representatives last November, Sammi Jo Magee took the microphone. Magee, the chief prosecutor in the Child Protective Services division for Taylor County, Texas, which includes Abilene, had been summoned to explain why Taylor and surrounding counties were taking more kids into foster care than any other region in the state.

Foster Care Failed to Protect Two Texas Teens from Sexual Assault


Texas Failing To Keep Youth in Foster Care Safe

In December 2015, a federal judge ruled that Texas was violating the rights of children in long-term care of the state by subjecting them to abuse, overmedication and repeated placement moves.


Texas Projects a Severe Shortage of Foster Homes for High-Needs Kids

Buried within a wonky “needs assessment” report recently released by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is a finding that should raise alarm bells around the state. And perhaps around the country.


In Texas, Trepidation as Child Welfare Privatization Moves Forward

In December 2015, a federal judge issued a scathing ruling against Texas’s child welfare system, saying “foster children often age out of care more damaged than when they entered” and ordered a laundry list of fixes the state needed to implement.


Texas Task Force Looks at Youth Involved in Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice Systems

Lisa Jarrett presides over what’s known as the crossover docket in Bexar County, Texas, where she handles cases involving youth known to both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Jarrett says that bundling all the cases of a dual-status youth reduces replication of services and helps the child understand what they need to do to comply with the court — after all, with two separate cases come separate judges, court dates and orders.