Want to Help Turn Infamous Luzerne County Around? Apply Now!

Luzerne County, Penn., site of the infamous “Kids-for-Cash” juvenile court scandal, just put out a whole slate of Requests for Proposal for youth services and juvenile probation.

A quick recap here for the uninitiated: the county’s head judge and head juvenile judge conspired to close a public juvenile detention center, steer county contracts to two private ones, and then made sure those centers stayed full of kids, even though some didn’t even break the law. One girl was detained for making a Myspace page that mocked a school official. What?

Anyway, YSI thought it was worth passing along that the county now appears to be interested in contracting with some providers to align some appropriate services for families and young offenders. Granted, turning Luzerne around isn’t as sexy as reforming New York City; although there is an excellent bowling alley in downtown Wilkes-Barre. But hey, we are talking about helping to turn around services in the wake of the most famous and shameful use of children for profit in the history of America.

Two big caveats here: the deadline is pretty close (March 7), and you need to be licensed to operate in Pennsylvania.

Below is a link to all of the various RFP:

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