Free Issue of Juvenile and Family Court Journal This Month

The National Council on Juvenile and Family Court Judges, the Reno, Nevada-based national membership group for dependency court professionals, has made the March issue of Juvenile and Family Court Journal, its peer-reviewed publication, free of charge for anyone who wants to access it online.

The journal is published quarterly and focuses on issues such as abuse and neglect, juvenile justice, domestic violence, substance abuse, child custody and visitation, judicial leadership. Each year, the first quarter issue is free of charge.

  • This year’s first issue includes five pieces covering the following topics:
  • What trial judges need to know about international recovery of child support.
  • Preventing homelessness for youth in foster care or the juvenile justice system.
  • An NCJFCJ resolution spelling out the court-related needs of homeless youth and families when it comes to family court.
  • A framework for “developmentally appropriate juvenile probation,” penned by Juvenile Law Center co-founder Bob Schwartz.
  • An NCJFCJ resolution on the nexus of juvenile probation and adolescent development.

Click here to access the full table of contents to the March issue, with separate links to each article. And for child welfare readers, click here to check out last year’s free issue on the theme “Rethinking Foster Care.”

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