Youth Homelessness


K-12 Enrollment: Does the Increase in Homeless Students Indicate a Worsening Trend?

The number of unhoused students in California public schools is on the rise — increasing by 9%, about 16,000 more kids.


The Hidden Homeless: Exploring the Impact of Housing Inequality on Young Adults

Dr. Mauriell Amechi writes about the impact of housing inequality on young adults, especially those who experience foster care

Formerly Homeless Washington Youth Tapped as Experts


Formerly Homeless Washington Youth Tapped as Experts

In Washington, opportunities are opening up for people who were homeless in their youth to shape the systems that will help others.

Former Foster Youth Lack Adequate Access to Affordable Housing


Former Foster Youth Lack Adequate Access to Affordable Housing

Disparities in access to affordable housing are more prominent in underserved communities such as foster youth, writes Luisa Flores Urrutia.

Former Foster Youth Lack Adequate Access to Affordable Housing


Lessen the Requirements for Permanent Supportive Housing

By creating these requirements, we are demanding our homeless populations to prove that they are worthy of housing, writes Alex Furtado.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, pictured in a white shirt, in a press conference about addressing youth homelessness with a plan led by youth with experience.


To Address Youth Homelessness, New York City Turns to Those with Experience

In New York City, young people with lived experience are driving the overhaul of its network of care for homeless youth.

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    Advocates Say New Mexico Should do Better, in Response to Child Welfare Settlement Report


    Landlord Incentive Program Helps House Young Adults At Risk Of Homelessness

    A new program in New Mexico would give financial incentives to landlords who provide housing options for youth aging out of foster care and young adults facing homelessness.

    Access to Technology and Lack Thereof: Disenfranchisement in a Digital Age


    Is Transitional Housing for Me?

    When young and vulnerable populations don't have access to stable housing, they are exposed to additional dangers, writes Olivia Valdovinos.

    Washington lawsuit settled


    Washington Settles Lawsuit Involving Foster Youth Left Sleeping in Offices and Hotels 

    This week, Washington’s child welfare agency announced a settlement agreement in a lawsuit over disabled foster youths’ constitutional rights.