Youth Homelessness

New York City


New York City Must Provide WiFi to Homeless Families

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio’s announcement that schools will open for elementary students came as welcome news for many homeless families, as the switch to remote and blended learning has been fraught with uncertainty and unfulfilled promises.


Seattle-Area New Homelessness Authority Centers Lived Experience
A homeless camps with tents and tarp shelter under a bridge. Photo:

For more than 20 years, Seattle and King County have struggled to respond to the city’s homelessness crisis, which has grown to include more than 11,700 unsheltered people.


A New Call for Humane Treatment of Washington Foster Youth Sleeping in Hotels and Offices
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

The number of nights that hundreds of Washington’s foster youth are left essentially homeless has skyrocketed in the last year to 1,863. 

For yet another year, the Ombuds office, which oversees the Department of Children, Youth and Families has released an annual report condemning the state agency for the continuing rise of “placement exceptions” that leave children sleeping in hotels, on cots in government buildings, and at times even in social workers’ cars. 


1 in 10 New York City Students Faced Pandemic without Stable Housing

As New York City’s schoolchildren watched the coronavirus’s brutal spring rampage evolve into months of virtual learning, nearly 1 in 10 did so without having a stable place to call home.


Settlement Expands Rights of Homeless and Runaway Youth in New York City
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco

A federal judge has greenlighted a class-action settlement that expands the right of homeless or runaway youth in New York City to access essential programs and services, including group home beds, mental health services and a chance to appeal expulsions they consider unfair.


New York Lawmaker Pushes City Agencies to Fast-Track Youth Rental Assistance
New York City Council member Stephen Levin (D) of Brooklyn is pushing for housing vouchers for young adults leaving foster care or the runaway and homeless youth shelter system. Credit: New York City Council

Visibly frustrated with two city agencies responsible for preventing homelessness among young adults aging out of foster care, a New York City Council member said in a virtual public meeting Tuesday he would force changes through legislation to grant easier access to housing vouchers for youth with no home to call their own.


Washington State Program Aims to End Youth Homelessness in Four Counties By End of Next Year

She had been homeless and struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts over three difficult years, when Elsa St Clair was released in January from an Idaho psychiatric hospital.

Today, the 24-year-old enjoys a reliable internet connection in a Spokane apartment that she’s decorated with the flag of Eastern Washington University, where she hopes to study nursing.


Grant Aims to Reduce Youth Homelessness in New York’s Snow Belt
Photo: Giving Compass

With winter bearing down on Buffalo and the rest of the Great Lakes Snow Belt, a preseason flurry of good news has fallen for homeless youth in western New York state.Almost


Homeless in the Washington Foster Care System: Kids Left Behind After the Last Recession
This West Seattle office building housed youth overnight when the Department of Children, Youth, and Families could not find a placement for them. Photo courtesy of Espen James

The prosperity in Seattle that followed the 2008 Great Recession led to record home sales along Lake Washington and new Teslas on the roads, but the dwindling investments in housing the state’s most vulnerable foster youth are now leaving hundreds essentially homeless in the state’s care.