Youth Homelessness


Funding, Policies for Washington’s Homeless Youth Are Not Sufficient

Young people are our most precious and vulnerable asset, and should be treated accordingly. Washington state should invest more to make that happen and remove barriers for homeless youth.


Youth-Led Group Builds Tiny Home Village to Fight California’s Homelessness Crisis

The art-drenched village for 18-23 year olds features 26 tiny homes and two large yurts that serve as a communal living room and kitchen.

colorful drawing of two sad people leaving a house that is crossed out


Resuming Evictions Could Land Kids in Foster Care, Experts Say

A federal judge in Washington has struck down a national policy that prevented countless evictions during the coronavirus pandemic – a move that advocates worry could push vulnerable families and youth into homelessness, and potentially into the foster care system as well.


State Homeless Programs Underserve California Youth, Report Says

Homelessness is a huge black eye on the face of California, and youth homelessness is an oft-overlooked aspect of the scourge, according to a new report from John Burton Advocates for Youth.


Program Helping Homeless Students on Washington College Campuses Seeks to Expand During Pandemic

Illustration by Christine Ongjoco
For three years, Jaysa Cooper focused only on the 24 hours ahead, unsure where she would sleep and whether she’d be able to eat. The 21-year-old couch-surfed with friends and family or slept in her car in and around Yakima, where she was born and raised.


Washington State Aims to Better Serve Diverse Homeless Youth in Prevention Programs

Milo Edwards, 19, was among the advisers who helped inform the report published by the Office of Homeless Youth. Photo courtesy of Edwards
In January, when a preliminary report identifying gaps in state-led programs to prevent youth homelessness was released in Washington state, it was clear who was being left out or ill-served: youth of color and those with disabilities.


Behavioral Health Funding for Washington Homeless Youth in Jeopardy

When Spokane’s Crosswalk teen shelter hired behavioral health counselor Kaitlyn Lee last year with money from a new state grant, part of her job was to shoot pool in the common room with the teenagers.


New Washington State Senator’s Bill for Foster Kids Advances with Unanimous Support

T’wina Nobles’ first bill, requiring campus assistance for students in foster care, passed the state Senate this week. Photo courtesy of Nobles
Early legislation by a new Washington state senator — a trailblazing former foster youth who rose up from homelessness to lead her Tacoma area district in the capital — has passed out of the Senate with unanimous bipartisan support, a bill to help the most vulnerable children get through school.


Washington Youth Flex Lobbying Might on Rights of Native Americans, Homelessness and Foster Youth

When teens and young adults who’ve lived through homelessness and foster care gather this year to tell Washington state policymakers what their peers need most, the youth advocates will have three priorities: they want lawyers for every foster child, a task force to focus on the experience of Native Americans and better support for the newly independent.