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Amy Lemley, Longtime ‘Champion’ for California’s Older Foster Youth, to Step Down from Influential Advocacy Group

A champion for California's older foster youth, Amy Lemley will leave her role as executive director of John Burton Advocates for Youth this fall.


Senate Investigation Slams Residential Treatment Centers for Children as ‘Warehouses of Neglect’

A Senate committee report highlights “routine harm” to children in taxpayer-supported institutions that “optimize revenues” and “evade oversight.”

Congressional Lawmakers Seek Stricter Enforcement of the Indian Child Welfare Act


Congressional Lawmakers Seek Stricter Enforcement of the Indian Child Welfare Act

A bipartisan bill was introduced in Congress last week to help local child welfare agencies meet the requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act.


Legislation to Reform New York’s Child Welfare System Fares Poorly This Session

In New York, legislation that would have dialed back CPS intervention in families' lives failed to pass this legislative season, despite years of advocacy.


As Budget Deadline Looms, California’s Child Welfare System Slated for Deep Cuts

Under California's $28 billion budget shortfall, an array of anti-poverty and child welfare programs now face the prospect of being seriously slashed.

ICWA Faces Another Constitutional Challenge in Minnesota


The Latest Constitutional Challenge to Indian Child Welfare Law is Struck Down in Minnesota Appeals Court

In a mixed ruling, a Minnesota appeals court struck down a white couple’s claim that they were discriminated against because of their race when seeking custody of two Native children. 


    NY Attorney General Investigates Drug-Testing Pregnant and New Moms, as Legal Challenges Over the Practice Grow

    The controversial drug-testing of mothers and newborns in hospitals is under new scrutiny in New York — in lawsuits and a state investigation.


    Civil Rights Panel Highlights Widespread Discrimination Against Black Families in New York’s Child Welfare System

    A prominent civil rights committee has released a report describing persistent discrimination against Black families in New York’s child welfare system.


    How Some New York Counties Make Sure Children in Foster Care Stay With Family

    Part two of The Imprint’s analysis reveals how New York counties that prioritize kin are keeping foster children within family networks.