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Protecting Children and Healing Families, One Native Auntie at a Time

The My Two Aunties program helps keep Native children out of foster care and ensure families remain safe and intact.


State Regulators Shut Down Two Juvenile Halls in Los Angeles County, Citing ‘Unsuitable’ Conditions

California state regulators voted to revoke Los Angeles County’s license to operate its two juvenile halls, citing “unsuitable” conditions.


How to Talk to Foster Youth About Sex, Relationships and Self-Care (Hint: It’s Not Just About ‘Sex’)

HIGH STAKES, SILENT SYSTEMS, Part III: An experienced sexual health educator speaks about how caseworkers and caregivers can support youth through the most sensitive stages of adolescence.

As New York legalizes marijuana, parent advocates push child welfare agencies to be less punitive


New York Child Welfare Workers Illegally Separated Newborn From His Mother Over Cannabis Allegations, Lawsuit Alleges

A federal lawsuit alleges a mother was separated from her newborn solely on the basis of a non-consensual marijuana drug test.


Foster Care’s Conflicting Policies For Sexual and Reproductive Health 

HIGH STAKES, SILENT SYSTEMS: Part two of The Imprint's investigation finds some child welfare policies at odds with minors' rights to abortion and birth control.


New York Attorneys and Human Service Workers Get Pay Increase in $229 Billion Budget

New York's $229 billion budget includes pay increases for attorneys representing low-income residents and human services workers.


    Supporters, Not Reporters: Preventing Foster Care in California

    California and Los Angeles County advance prevention plans to keep more families out of the child welfare system.


    Congress Considers Increased Funding for Tribal Child Welfare and Court Systems

    A bipartisan bill would increase funds for tribal courts and child welfare systems and ease administrative burdens to access family resources.  


    States Nationwide ‘Professionalize’ Foster Parenting to Better Support Youth

    Therapeutic foster care, which aims to keep kids out of psychiatric units and group care facilities, is evident around the country.