Substance Abuse


Centering Families in Drug Treatment with Kathy Icenhower

On this week’s episode we are joined by Kathy Icenhower, co-founder and CEO of Shields for Families. Three decades ago, against the backdrop of the crack epidemic, Icenhower started Shields out of a run-down trailer provided by the Los Angeles county government with Norma Ntume and Dr.



SafeCamp Spotlights: Ivory Bennett 

On this week’s episode we talk about some cases over the right to foster and adopt, Washington’s new policy on newborns exposed to drugs, and some recent award-nominated work by The Imprint.



CARE Court: Can California Counties Make it Work?

While state lawmakers show enthusiasm about California's new CARE Court, county officials are worried they don’t have the resources to implement the idea.While state lawmakers show enthusiasm about California's new CARE Court, county officials are worried they don’t have the resources to implement the idea.


Lisa Ling on The Opioid Crisis within Child Welfare

On this week’s podcast we discuss the potential legislative aftermath of a suicide in a Wisconsin juvenile facility, new Family First Act approvals, and how a rapid home-testing strategy could affect juvenile justice and child welfare systems.



Sunday, 9 p.m. EST: Lisa Ling Explores The Nexus of Heroin and Child Welfare

Ebony Clancy and her daughter, Mercedes. Photo: Robert Palumbo
Ohio spends less on child welfare than any system in the nation. It has also been hit harder than almost any other state by the opioid crisis, which has continued unabated – perhaps worsened by – the coronavirus pandemic.


New York City Moves to Limit Drug Testing of Pregnant Women

New York City moved this week to curb hospital drug testing of new and expecting mothers, a widespread and controversial practice that can lead to newborns being placed in foster care at perhaps the most delicate stage of life.


    New York City To Investigate Hospital Drug Tests of Black and Latino New Mothers, Which Can Prompt Foster Care Removals

    Credit: Christine Ongjoco
    New York City’s Commission on Human Rights has launched an investigation into whether hospitals are targeting Black and Latino pregnant mothers and newborns for drug testing, an inquiry that will assess whether they are being subject to racial bias and discrimination.


    New Study Confirms Risk of Prenatal Cannabis Use

    A new study on mothers’ use of marijuana during pregnancy found links to a small increase in the child’s risk of developing a range of problems, including psychopathology, low birth weight and sleep problems.


    Youth-Oriented Drug-Fighting Grants Up for Grabs in California

    When California voters easily approved the adult recreational use of cannabis in 2016, there were what might be called high hopes for the tax revenue, then projected to one day total $1 billion annually.