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Study: Foster Youth Lack Basic Financial Literacy
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Financial literacy can be safely added to the long list of deficits young people with a background in the foster care system face, according to a study of the rarely examined problem.


Family First Act’s Standards Are Not Culturally Inclusive

Child welfare philanthropic and policy organizations across the country have started to make investments to address racial disparity and disproportionality. Some of these investments include disaggregating data by race, policy and practice reviews, and community engagement.


Study of Twins Shows Harsh Parental Discipline Tied to More Misbehavior
Six month old twin boys laughing and smiling. Photo courtesy of the Raising Children Network

In a study of twins aimed at teasing out answers to an aspect of the classic nature-versus-nurture debate, researchers have found that the child who was more harshly disciplined than the sibling twin was more likely to develop more behavior problems.

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The Plans for Justice Department Pilot on Preventing Fatal Abuse and Neglect

The federal government is funding five locally conceived demonstration projects across the United States aimed at decreasing death and serious injury resulting from child abuse and neglect. This week, the plans for those test sites were revealed, with several focused on promoting safe sleep for infants or community collaborations on prevention.


Common Tax Credit Associated With Lower Maltreatment Reports
Photo: University of Washington

The government’s largest antipoverty program does more than simply make it easier for families to make ends meet. Known as the earned income tax credit, it also results in a significant drop in reported child maltreatment, according to a new federally funded study by researchers from the University of Washington.


1 in 4 California Foster Youth Become Homeless After Leaving Extended Care
Illustration by Christine Ongjoco.

While millions of California residents have been pushed into financial peril under the crush of the coronavirus pandemic, new research shows that more than a quarter of the state’s former foster youth struggled with homelessness and housing instability well before the virus’ economic devastation hit. 

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Number of Child Abuse and Neglect Victims Reached Record Low in 2019

As America headed into the coronavirus pandemic, the number of children who were confirmed to have been victims of abuse or neglect fell to its lowest point in a long time, perhaps more than two decades, according to the annual report released today by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). 


Study Finds ‘Devastating’ Pandemic-Era Effects on Former Foster Youth

The first few months of the coronavirus pandemic took a significant toll on the well-being of former foster youth, according to a new survey that researchers said points to the need to address those effects in the medium and long term. 


Punitive Youth Justice Still Ignores Science in America, Report Says

Although the population of youth locked up in America plunged by two-thirds between 2000 and 2018, the country stubbornly continues to lead the world with its rate of 60 per 100,000, according to a new report.