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Federal Report: Foster Care, Adoptions Dropped in 2020

The number of youth in foster care dropped by 4.5% between September of 2019 and 2020, according to annual federal data, reaching the lowest total in the past eight years, while adoptions from foster care plummeted as the coronavirus pandemic spread in America.

Chapin Hall Brief: Proper Supports Could Transform Child Welfare


Proper Supports Could Transform Child Welfare, Chapin Hall Brief Finds

A range of concrete and economic supports could sufficiently stabilize families and children to the point that they could avoid traumatic involvement with the child welfare system, according to a newly updated policy brief by researchers from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.

A new study estimated investigations into child abuse and neglect are more common than previously thought, especially for children of color.


More Than A Third of Children Experience CPS Investigations For Abuse And Neglect Before 18, New Estimates For Large Counties Show

A new study estimated investigations into child abuse and neglect are more common than previously thought, especially for children of color.


Newborns Benefit From Nurse Home Visits, Study Finds

Researchers at Duke University found that visits by a registered nurse to the homes of newborns can have significant, lasting positive effects.

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NYU Receives $16 Million Gift for Social Science Research Using Big Data

New York University’s Silver School of Social Work has received what NYU called one of the largest gifts ever given to such a school, which will be used to try to crack open new insights into the problems of racism and social inequality.

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The Data Dispute: Where New Rules on Foster Care Numbers Stands

The process for adding new elements to what’s known as the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System, or AFCARS, is now in litigation that started under the Trump administration and continues under President Joe Biden.

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Study: Rural Kids More Likely To Be Reported to Child Protective Services, But Why?

In the first study to compare national data on the rate of rural versus large urban child maltreatment reports, researchers found that kids living in the country are about one-third more likely to be reported to authorities, but the rate of substantiation was about the same in both settings.

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Juvenile arrests declined in 2019


Juvenile Arrests in 2019 Continued Long Downward Trend

The rate of kids younger than 18 who were arrested fell in 2019, but the numbers varied across demographic groups and offenses.

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Study: Juvenile Incarceration Produces Mixed Results on Recidivism, Graduation Rates

Madera County Juvenile Detention Center. Photo courtesy of Madera County Probation
Harsh sentences for juvenile crimes don’t make it less likely that a person will be convicted of a violent crime when they grow into adults, according to a new study in which academic economists looked at data from Louisiana.