Child Welfare Ideas from The Experts

The Imprint is highlighting each of the policy recommendations made this summer by the participants of the Foster Youth Internship Program, a group of 11 former foster youths who have completed congressional internships.

Study finds the pandemic took a severe toll on young adults' food and housing security.


Study Finds Pandemic Has Placed An ‘Untold’ Toll on Young Adults’ Food, Housing Security

The coronavirus pandemic took an “alarming” toll on the food security, housing stability and mental health of millions of young people in the United States — especially among Black people and other people of color — according to a new study.


Illinois on Cusp of Bias Training Requirement for Mandated Child Welfare Reporters

Illinois teachers and others who look after children in a nonparental role may soon have to be taught how to recognize and eliminate their own racial and ethnic biases as mandated reporters of potential child abuse and neglect.


Young, Gifted, & Black

Sade Daniels presents her poem Young, Black & Gifted, an artistic critique of the present treatment of Black girls in American foster care


The Privilege of Innocence: Ma’Khia Bryant and The Adultification of Black Girls in Foster Care

There is no perfect way to be a child in foster care. As a 30-year-old Black woman and foster youth alumni, I reflect daily on my decisions as a traumatized youth in care and the grace that was not always granted to me.


We Need a New System That Values Black Families

The child welfare system has historically over-policed Black and brown families, and provided subpar care for Black and brown children. Focused more on separation than family preservation, America’s “child protective system” has been rooted in injustice and racist ideology that punishes the poor and families of color.


From One Parent to Another: A Letter to Paula Bryant

Angela Braxton, a Black parent who experienced the removal of her children, writes an open letter to Paula Bryant about her child's death.


The Space Between Life, Death and Opportunity: When I Was 16

Amnoni Myers provides the introduction to this series of essays and poems reflecting on the death of Ma'Khia Bryant while in Ohio foster care

As New York legalizes marijuana, parent advocates push child welfare agencies to be less punitive


As New York Legalizes Marijuana, Parent Advocates Push Child Welfare Agencies to Adapt

New York has become the 16th state to legalize recreational marijuana. And the new law makes clear that parents should not be judged for using it.