SafeCamp Spotlights: Kee Tobar of How Is That Legal?

On this week’s episode, we discuss another class action lawsuit filed against Indiana’s child welfare agency; housing barriers to reunification; one of America’s most famous adoption stories unravels; and new leaders in child welfare.

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ACF Announces $4 Million in Grants to Address Racial Bias, Inequity in Child Welfare

The Administration for Children and Families will grant $4 million to fund eight projects that address racial bias and disparity in the child welfare system. Applications are due July 31.  Eligible applicants include state agencies, tribes, and private organizations, with “bonus points” going to applications from organizations whose entire mission is providing services to groups historically marginalized or impacted by racial bias in the child welfare system. 


We Were Once a Family, with Author Roxanna Asgarian

On this week’s podcast we discuss some updates on the Indian Child Welfare Act front, Minnesota becomes a trans youth refuge, and the blind spot in America’s knowledge of youth justice. 

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ACF Equity Study to Examine Six Child Welfare Systems

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) announced last March that it would begin the Child Welfare Study to Enhance Equity with Data


Seeing, Humanizing and Affirming Black Boys in Foster Care and Adoption

Demontea Thompson connects the racist remarks of an L.A. councilmembers to the broader conversation about race and foster care

On Buffalo Streets, Outreach Workers Push for Freedom from Violence


On Buffalo Streets, Outreach Workers Push for Freedom from Violence

The nonprofit SNUG helps prevent community violence and promote healing by working directly with young people.

    Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Family


    Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Kinfolk

    At 18 I got everything I felt that I needed to be stable so that I don't have to ask for another thing from my family, writes Antania Goff.

    Parental Rights for Those Involved in Foster Care


    A Call for Black Joy

    Kenyon Lee Whitman urges Black people to seek moments of joy In the aftermath of yet another racist tragedy in America.

    Dorothy Roberts’ New Book Calls for Foster Care ‘Abolition’ to Better Protect America’s Children and Families


    Dorothy Roberts’ New Book Expands Call for Foster Care ‘Abolition,’ Prompting Praise and Debate

    In her most recent book, Dorothy Roberts says the child welfare system must be abolished and replaced, not reformed.