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Engagement With Remote Learning Alarmingly Low Among New York City Disadvantaged Youth

Amid a fresh wave of coronavirus infections washing over New York City — a development that has reversed the city’s halting efforts to slowly ease more students back into the classroom — comes a new report finding that thousands of students “failed to connect” at all with remote learning opportunities last spring.


U.S. Justice Department: Discrimination Settlement a ‘Landmark’ Moment for Disabled Parents

Massachusetts must stop its yearslong practice of using “unsupported stereotypes” to justify taking away the children of parents with disabilities, under a settlement that the U.S. Justice Department said should serve as a warning to other states.


Homelessness Among California K-12 Students at Crisis Point, New Report Says

More than a quarter-million K-12 students in California’s public schools were struggling with homelessness before the coronavirus pandemic hit, and researchers say that number is likely climbing much higher under the burden of the ongoing economic crisis.


Federal Settlement Protects Disabled Young Detainees’ Right to Special Education Services

For more than a decade, hundreds of disabled students locked up in a large Georgia jail have not been getting the special education services they’re entitled to under federal law, but that may soon start to change.


COVID-19 Prevention Measures Lacking in California Youth Prisons

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Federal Oversight May Return to Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx
Starting in Octobe 2018, New York City stopped using Rikers Island’s jails to detain juveniles, instead using the Horizon Juvenile Center in the Bronx (pictured).

Limited federal oversight looks likely to return to New York City’s Horizon Juvenile Center, a move that comes a few months after the city phased responsibility for some kids at the center out of the hands of its Department of Correction.


L.A. Voters OK Huge Investment in Community-Building Model of Public Safety
A June protest calling for L.A. city and county leaders to provide funding for youth development programs. Photo: Jeremy Loudenback

Los Angeles County voters have handily approved a ballot measure that requires the county to dedicate at least 10% of its unrestricted funds to youth development and other community investments as well as alternatives to incarceration rather than law enforcement and jail. 


Pandemic Made Existing Challenges Worse for LGBTQ Foster Youth, Report Says

A new report highlights the ways that the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the risk for LGBTQ youth in foster care. It then recommends steps that child welfare agencies, states and the federal government can take to curtail those risks.

juvenile justice youth raise the age new york justice cuomo lancman acs


Federal Court Monitor: Violence Still Rampant in New York City Jails, Detention Centers

New York City has utterly failed to reduce the rate of “unnecessary and excessive use of force” against people who are locked up in city jails and youth detention, according to a court-appointed monitor’s latest six-month report to a federal judge.