News Briefs

Image showing anti-poverty effect of cash benefits.


New York Tests Cash Assistance for Families Involved with CPS

New York is launching a pilot program to provide cash assistance to families who have been under investigation by CPS.


Youth Advocates Win Telly Awards for Short Docs Highlighting the Harms of Fines and Fees in Juvenile Justice 

Advocates with the campaign Debt Free Justice earned Telly awards for short films about fines and fees in the juvenile justice system. 


Wichita to Launch 24/7 Mobile Mental Health Units, a Cedric Lofton Task Force Recommendation

Four mobile mental health crisis teams will soon respond to 911 calls in Wichita. a reform recommended after the 2021 death of Cedric Lofton. 


Long-Sought Rent Subsidy Goes Up for New York Foster Youth Leaving State Care

New York has increased rent subsidies for foster youth aging out of the system for the first time since 1988.


Minnesota Advocacy Group for Foster Youth Names New Leader

Leadership at a prominent 5-year-old advocacy group for Minnesota foster youth will change hands next month. Hoang Murphy, founder of Foster Advocates, is stepping down as executive director of the St.


Study Shows Link Between Federal Support and Improved Outcomes After Foster Care

Although states across the country now offer federally funded housing, job training and educational opportunities for foster youth after age 18, a new report reveals that stable housing, supportive family and social connections and access to college “remain beyond reach for too many young people with foster care experience.” 


    UN Experts Call To End Solitary Confinement for Children

    After testimony from formerly incarcerated Black youth, UN-appointed experts today called for an end to solitary confinement for children. 


    Alabama Juvenile Justice Agency Eases Hiring Ban on Applicants with Child Neglect Charges

    Alabama’s Department of Youth Services can now hire people with previous findings of neglect, which once made applicants ineligible.


    Lakeside Staffers Plead No Contest to Charges from Cornelius Fredericks’ Death

    Two former Lakeside Academy staffers pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter in the 2020 death of 16-year-old Cornelius Fredericks.