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Identity Thieves Targeting Foster Youths’ Covid Relief


Identity Thieves Targeting Foster Youths’ COVID Relief

Pandemic assistance has been made available to California's current and former foster youth, but fraud and lack of access can prevent them from ever benefitting from the financial help.

Veronica Vieyra benefited from the UBI program Santa Clara County has in place for former foster youth.


California Approves First State-Guaranteed Income For Foster Youth

In a historic move to support young adults raised by the government, a monthly check of up to $1,000 — with no restrictions and no strings attached — will be sent to thousands of California foster youth once they leave the state’s custody, guaranteeing them the first statewide universal basic income.

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For Youth and Family Service Providers, Stimulus Loan Experience Has Been Hit or Miss

In early April, Micah Jorrisch breathed a sigh of relief as stability was restored to Louisville-based Maryhurst, a child and family-serving agency that opened its doors some 20 years before the Civil War began.

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Ohio Has Ignored a Federal Court Decision Requiring Foster Care Payments to Relatives

On January 27, 2017, in the case of D.O. v Glisson, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati found that children placed with approved, unlicensed relatives were eligible for federal foster payments on the same basis as children placed in licensed foster homes.

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Bill Introduced to Make Charitable Donations Deductible for Everyone

Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.) has introduced legislation aimed at raising the amount of charitable giving in America by adding a new incentive at tax time, which nonprofit leaders say is more important than ever as a consequence of the recent tax reform passed in 2017.


Pay-For-Success Firm Names New Co-Presidents

Note: This story was updated on June 4 Third Sector Capital Partners, a major intermediary for pay-for-success projects in the United States, has named two co-presidents from within its ranks to assist founder and CEO George Overholser.


    Howard Davidson Leaving ABA After 37 Years

    Howard Davidson, who started the American Bar Association’s Center on Children and the Law in 1978 and has led it ever since, will retire from the D.C.-based organization this summer. “After over forty years of child law work, I have decided…to retire from the ABA at the end of this June or in early July,” Davidson wrote in a statement sent to colleagues.