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Grandmothering While Black, with LaShawnDa Pittman

LaShawnDa Pittman spent years studying the lives of dozens of grandmothers in the Chicago area for her book, Grandmothering While Black.  “Despite managing the simultaneity of love and coercion,” she writes, “the Black grandmothers in this study demonstrated their love for their grandchildren in their willingness to provide care, as an extension of parenting and sometimes in place of it.” 



Fighting for Kin, Enduring Relationships, and Unconditional Cash

On an all-headlines edition of The Imprint Weekly Podcast, Imprint reporter Sara Tiano joins us to discuss her new series on an Oklahoma child welfare worker, also a licensed foster parent, who is losing a fight to adopt her two nephews in Minnesota. The

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A Model Standard for Approving Kinship Caregivers

Following new federal rules on kinship care, a group of advocates have developed a model standard for approving relatives.

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White House Announces Slate of Actions on Child Welfare

The Biden administration announced a mix of final and proposed rules on child welfare policy today that cover the placement of foster youth with relatives, legal representation for parents and children involved with the system, and the placement of LGBTQ youth in foster care. 


We’re Building a New Path to Prioritize Kin

A group of child welfare leaders are developing new recommended standards for licensing and approving kinship caregivers.

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Arizona Bill Would Strengthen Kinship Care and Bolster Youth Rights

A new bill in Arizona would prioritize placing foster youth with kin and strengthen the rights afforded to youth in foster care. 

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    Family First Clearinghouse


    Second Kinship Navigator Program Approved by Family First Clearinghouse

    The clearinghouse that approves foster care prevention services has okayed four new programs, including the second kinship support model. 


    Top Stories of 2022: Kinship Front and Center

    This year, The Imprint covered the prioritization of kinship care from Washington state to Washington, D.C.

    Out of State, Out of Mind


    Out of State, Out of Mind

    Although Washington, D.C.'s child welfare agency director says they don't take children out of their homes, that's not always true.