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Delete the Word ‘Grandfamilies’

For the past five years, the New York State Legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), along with more than a dozen other states and the United States Senate and House, have issued resolutions/proclamations to commemorate September as “Kinship Care Month.”

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For Kinship Caregivers, No Good Options for Back to School
Gail Engel and her husband Joe are the primary caregivers for their grandson, who has special needs. Photo courtesy of Gail Engel

Like many working caregivers, Gail Engel of Loveland, Colorado, sees few good options for the fall.

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Congressional Watchdog Says Feds Should Be More Proactive on Kinship Care

Relative caregivers are parenting 2.7 million American children in kinship care. This group of caregivers often goes without critical support that is available, sometimes to the detriment of their own well-being, according to a new audit by the congressional watchdog agency.


Missouri Child Welfare Overhaul Includes Kinship Diversion, Access to Birth Documents

Missouri has made it easier for an adult relative to temporarily look after the children of kin without legally removing them into foster care.

That’s one of several substantive changes to the state’s child welfare system that Gov.


White Privilege in Child Welfare: What Racism Looks Like


From the moment of their conception, every African American person begins a personal timeline of racism, for their mother experiences racism in that moment — our babies understand and feel in the womb.


New York Cuts Support For Grandparents, Other Kin Caring for At-Risk Kids

With New York shut down by the coronavirus pandemic and vulnerable families under threat like never before, lawmakers approved a state budget late last week gutting support for grandparents, neighbors and other kin caring for children who otherwise might be in foster care.


Organization Serving Kinship Families Mobilizes Drive-Through Pick Up to Support Caregivers

With the coronavirus pandemic emptying store shelves and leaving critical items in short supply, the elderly have faced unique challenges stocking their homes with groceries, toiletries and other essentials.

In Nevada, Foster Kinship Executive Director Ali Caliendo raced between four different stores to find formula for her 8-month-old son over the weekend.


Deadline Alert: One Day Left to Provide Input on Kinship Care to Federal Advisory Council

Federal policymakers want to hear from the millions of relatives caring for the children of family members about how government can be a helpful partner to them.

Relative caregivers of children who would otherwise often be in the foster care system are being asked to share their experiences with federal policymakers.


Nonprofit Launched to Replicate Missouri Family-Finding Program

Child welfare is personal for Ian Forber-Pratt, who was adopted from India and brought to the United States as an infant with his sister. With a master’s degree in social work, he’s spent his life crisscrossing the globe to create better outcomes for children, even helping pass legislation that built a national foster care program in India.