Kinship Care


Centering Lived Experience with Sixto Cancel

On this week’s episode, we discuss new findings that connect anti-poverty measures to reducing child maltreatment, the Democrats’ plan for unaccompanied minors at the border, and the Road to Healing Tour.

Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Family


Self-Reliance in Place of Support from Foster Care or Kinfolk

At 18 I got everything I felt that I needed to be stable so that I don't have to ask for another thing from my family, writes Antania Goff.

Kinship Care Prioritized Under New Washington State Law


Kinship Care Prioritized Under New Washington State Law

Washington state will now prioritize keeping children with relatives when both parents lose custody, under a new law signed last month. 


Prioritizing Kinship Care with Kim Clifton of HALOS

On this week’s podcast we discuss a new kinship prioritization in Washington, New York gets sued (twice), privatization ends in Nebraska, and controversial new legislation in Alabama and Tennessee. 



Foster Care in India, Kinship in America, and More with Ian Forber-Pratt

We discuss the seeming contradiction of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive to consider medical services to trans kids as abuse, and the Washington State Supreme Court’s ruling that sets heightened expectations around kinship in the child welfare system.



Washington Supreme Court: ‘Meaningful Preference’ for Kin Is Required

The Washington Supreme Court used a recent case involving a 6-year-old boy separated from his family to set new expectations in the state for prioritizing kinship care in the child welfare system.


    Hidden Foster Care: All of The Responsibility, None of The Resources

    Outside of the traditional foster care system exists a shadow system of potentially hundreds of thousands of children removed by CPS to their relatives or family friends—without a court case, monetary support, or due process.

    police Bryant ohio Columbus shooting


    Lessons from Ma’Khia Bryant’s Death: Better Housing Policy and Kinship Care Aid Can Save our Children

    Sweet 16. It’s an age when many teens revel in the thought of getting a driver’s license, going to the prom or landing a first job, all sweet rites of passage that launch them into a new world of emerging independence. 


    Advocates Say Families Providing ‘Hidden Foster Care’ Deserve More Guidance

    Nevada is relying heavily on unsupported relatives to care for children its child welfare system do not believe are safe at home.