Juvenile Justice


After Prison, He Became a Poodle Professional

After picking up drawing while incarcerated as a young man, Mikhail “Mick” Williams ventured into a new medium when he got out: dog grooming.

Youth Leaders Emerge from a Washington State Youth Prison, Urging a More Just and Safe World


Leaders Emerge from a Washington State Youth Prison, Urging a More Just and Safe World

Four young men incarcerated in a Washington state youth prison are working to ensure future generations don't face decades-long sentences.


Episode 100! Biden’s Juvenile Justice Agenda with Liz Ryan

On our 100th episode of The Imprint Weekly Podcast, we discuss a raft of new youth-related legislation introduced by Congress, moving teens to one of America’s largest adult prisons, and a new investment in adoption training.

Artistic Creations by Young Women in Upstate NY Detention Facilities Now on Display


Upstate NY Gallery Displays Artwork by Young Women and Trans Artists in Detention

An art exhibit in Catskill, New York shows work by three teens incarcerated at Brookwood Secure Center for Youth.

Judge Brenda Freedman


A Frank Conversation with a Judge on the Juvenile Justice Bench in New York

Serving Erie County, New York in the Youth Part and Family Court, Judge Brenda Freedman discusses her career path and changes to the juvenile justice system.


Youth Activists Rally to Support Girls and Young Women Abused in Detention

At a rally on Tuesday, Gloria Gonzalez (left) of the Youth Justice Coalition called for the release of girls and young women held at Los Angeles County juvenile detention facilities. Photo by Jeremy Loudenback
Dozens of justice advocates rallied on the steps of the Los Angeles County headquarters this morning, calling on supervisors to prevent the incarceration of girls and young women, and to improve safety conditions at juvenile halls and detention camps. 


    Closing the Book on “Kids for Cash”

    On this week’s podcast we discuss developments in the legal battles over access to gender-affirming care for youth, the U.N.’s critique of American child welfare laws, and problems with the planned closure of California’s state-run youth prisons. 

    Legislative Roundup — California Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Bills Head to the Governor


    California Juvenile Justice Bills Head to Governor’s Desk

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom will soon decide on a sweeping plan to curtail the use of probation supervision, a new bill of rights for youth in juvenile detention and limits on how police can interrogate minors.

    Unleash the Brilliance, a Washington-based nonprofit that is a diversion program in King County.


    Youth Advocates Push “Diversion” to Reduce Racial Disparities in Juvenile Court

    A new study found that nationwide, there's an "unequal and limited use of diversion" efforts to keep kids out of the criminal justice system.