Juvenile Justice


The Future of Professional Friends

On this week’s podcast we discuss trends in the use of the Family First Act, the pursuit of more federal child welfare data, and a state seeks to lower the age of juvenile justice.



Northern California Probation Officer Sexually Abused Children, Lawsuit Alleges

A probation officer sexually abused children for years, according to 11 lawsuits filed against the California county where he once worked.


After Decades Locked up, a Former DC Resident Adjusts to Freedom

Third in a three-part series on a teenager with a tumultuous childhood who was sent to die in prison and where his life would lead.


California County to Repay Families for Illegal Juvenile Justice Fees

More than 1,000 California families will receive reimbursements for illegal fees they paid to Riverside County’s juvenile justice system.

More Housing Will Soon Open Up for L.A. Former Foster Youth


Los Angeles County Renews Pledge to Stop Incarcerating Girls

LA County Supervisors voted unanimously to work toward ending the incarceration of girls, part of a national effort that's gaining momentum.


After Decades in Prison, Should Adults Convicted as Teens Get a Second Chance? A Growing Number of State Laws Say Yes 

Cordell Miller was 49 and had spent 30 years locked up. Now he had to prove to a judge that he was far from his 17-year-old self.


    New York Defense Lawyers Push To Defend Teens’ Right to Remain Silent

    New York youth justice advocates are rallying around a bill to protect teenage crime suspects from false confessions or self-incrimination.


    A Lonely Child Finds His Way Out of Abuse and Homelessness, It Lands Him Behind Bars

    First in a three-part series on a teenager with a tumultuous childhood sent to die in prison, and where his life would lead.


    California’s Santa Clara County Aims to Keep Girls Out of Juvenile Lockups

    Officials in Santa Clara County say girls brought into court can be better managed outside of lockup settings like camps and juvenile halls.