Juvenile Justice

Nelly Braxton, 2021 Brian Donovan Journalism Fellow, writes on dual-status youth.


National Resource Center Reframes How Local Governments Can Serve Dual-Status Youth

Dual-status youth have experience with both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. A workbook offers ideas for local and state governments to develop better practices, procedures and policies that serve these young people.

Some Los Angeles County residents are opposing plans to move young offenders to nearby camps for rehabilitation as the Division of Juvenile Justice youth prisons close.


Plans to House Youth Offenders Stir Controversy in L.A. County

Residents in the far reaches of Los Angeles County are fighting to block dozens of youthful offenders from being sent to nearby secure detention camps — a key component of statewide reforms to shut down California’s juvenile prisons.

California's youth prisons like the Ventura Youth Correctional Facility will close, leaving plans to house incarcerated youth to counties.


California Counties Develop Local Plans as State Youth Prisons Close

California’s Division of Juvenile Justice stopped admissions this month and now counties are developing plans to house and rehabilitate incarcerated youth.

Bipartisan Task Force Calls for Juvenile Justice Overhaul in Pennsylvania


Bipartisan Task Force Calls for Juvenile Justice Overhaul in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s juvenile justice system needs an overhaul to address pervasive violence and racial disparities, according to a bipartisan task force report.

A vote to close Maine's youth prison was successful, but the legislation has to be signed by the governor, a former prosecutor.


Maine Governor Vetoes Closure of State’s Only Juvenile Lockup

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has vetoed the closure of the state’s only lockup youth facility, saying that shuttering it would pose a threat to public safety.

Lael E.H. Chester


Emerging Adults Need a Justice System Guided by Facts

The legal system must be guided by data and facts. Too often, our justice policy decisions are driven by a gut instinct to punish, writes Lael E.H. Chester.

Minnesota could end routine shackling of children in court.


Minnesota Lawmakers Could End Routine Shackling of Children in Court

Perhaps the ninth time will be the charm for lawmakers who want to ban the routine shackling of juvenile defendants in Minnesota courtrooms. Every year since 2013, legislation to do so has fallen short.


Advocates Tout Data Showing Raise the Age Laws Haven’t Overwhelmed States’ Juvenile Facilities

Raise the age laws have kept tens of thousands of young people out of adult prisons, according to a new national report from The Sentencing Project.
Roughly 100,000 fewer youth will enter the adult criminal justice system this year and in future years, as a result of a quiet but powerful reform movement known as “Raise the Age.” 

Los Angeles County Continues to Develop a Plan to Deter Juvenile Incarceration


Los Angeles Seeks to Delay Sweeping Juvenile Justice Reform Plan

Los Angeles County officials this week committed to a scaled-back version of the Youth Justice Reimagined Plan, a sweeping proposal to transform its juvenile justice system.