How An Indigenous Attorney In Minnesota Keeps Trying to Overturn the Indian Child Welfare Act 

Mark Fiddler has focused much of the past decade on attempts to dismantle the law that aims to preserve Indigenous families and tribes.

ICWA Faces Another Constitutional Challenge in Minnesota


Indian Child Welfare Act Faces Another Constitutional Challenge in Minnesota

A case before the Minnesota Court of Appeals revives a challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act, as well as a local version of the law. 

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Biden Proposes New Federal Data on ICWA Compliance 

The Biden administration has proposed new data requirements on state compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act


From Pain to Politicking

In part three of the series Born of History, Andres “Dre” Thornock embarks on a political path that leads them back to the Tulalip reservation.


Reconnection and Reconciliation, Seeking a Way Back

In part two of the series Born of History: A Tulalip Youth’s Journey to Indigenize Child Welfare, Andres “Dre” Thornock leaves tribal land.


Born of History

Part one in the three-part series Born of History, about one youth’s journey through a tribal foster care system and into a life of advocacy. 


    Supreme Court Upheld ICWA, But Challenges Could Loom in State Courts

    Although the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 to uphold the Indian Child Welfare Act, state courts have still fielded challenges to the law.

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    Feds Seek Tribal Input on Strengthening ICWA


    Tracking Efforts to Pass State-Level ICWA Laws 

    States are codifying their own versions of ICWA laws as the Brackeen v. Haaland case comes closer to a Supreme Court decision. 


    ‘A Place of Calm:’ Indian Child Welfare Expert Unpacks the Historic Brackeen v. Haaland Decision

    The Imprint's Q+A with Shannon Smith of the ICWA Law Center on the implications of the Supreme Court's important ruling.