Hidden Foster Care

Out of State, Out of Mind


Texas Lawmaker’s Proposal Aims to Regulate ‘Hidden Foster Care’

Illustration by Christine Ongjoco.
For a second time in the past year, Texas lawmakers are considering placing guardrails on a common but little-discussed social work practice known as “hidden foster care” that affects thousands of state residents a year.

How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color


How Hidden Foster Care Harms Children and Parents of Color

After her own experience as a kinship caregiver, Aubrey Edwards-Luce hopes the Children's Bureau can better support kin caregivers and promote racial justice.


Kinship Caregivers in D.C. Say Child Welfare Agency Owes Foster Payments

An ongoing lawsuit filed on behalf of kinship caregivers alleges the Washington, D.C., child welfare agency denied them the public support entitled to formal foster parents.


Hidden Foster Care: All of The Responsibility, None of The Resources

Outside of the traditional foster care system exists a shadow system of potentially hundreds of thousands of children removed by CPS to their relatives or family friends—without a court case, monetary support, or due process.


Are There Way More Kids in Foster Care Than We Think?

On this week’s podcast we discuss more plans for rethinking child welfare, universal cell phone coverage for California foster youth, and another big experiment planned for the “colorblind” approach to foster care removal decisions.