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Big Funders Pool $12.5 Million for Policy, Advocacy and Research

Some of America’s largest investors in social impact issues got together and mulled over the question: What do organizations involved in social impact work have the hardest time getting money to do?


Beyond Planning Fundraisers: How Women’s Giving Circles Can Move Millions for Children’s Nonprofits

“When you think of the big gala events, you have to scratch your head and say, ‘why do people go to all that effort?’ I mean, those can be effective fundraisers, if done responsibly.


Donations Go “Live” on Facebook for U.S. Nonprofits

Just in time for #GivingTuesday, Facebook is expanding the ways registered nonprofit organizations can hope to garner donations through the platform.  Organizations can now add a donate button not only on their own pages and posts, but also to video streams on Facebook Live.


SunTrust Foundation Makes Big Grants to Keep More Youth from Going Broke

There is little doubt that developing good money management skills early in life pays off over the long-term. Yet many youth in underserved communities have little, if any, access to tools that teach money management skills.


NYC Foster Youth Nonprofit Turns Funding Crisis into Opportunity

Celebrities Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski walked the paparazzi-lined red carpet. Lights flashed. Hundreds of well-dressed attendees filled the auditorium. Voices for the Voiceless: Stars For Foster Kids, a 2015 Broadway event created to raise money for the foster youth organization You Gotta Believe, was a star-studded success, light years away from the financial turmoil that had rocked the storied New York City nonprofit only a few months earlier.


Ten Years Later: Lumos Foundation’s Push into Global Child Welfare

Think about it: If an orphanage wouldn’t be good enough for your child or a child you love, why would it be good enough for a child in Haiti, or anywhere else in the world?


    School Discipline Reform and the Role of Atlantic Philanthropies

    Atlantic Philanthropies’ work in the area of school discipline reform is a particularly striking example of how limited-life philanthropy can play a key role in social movements for children and youth.


    Funders for Youth Nutrition: A Growing Trend in the Quest for Food Equity

    Food and nutrition are being viewed more and more through the equity lens, and this seems particularly true for child nutrition. Over the past decade, attention to addressing childhood obesity and diet-related diseases for children has increased in the U.S.,

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    Billion Dollar Philanthropy Venture Bets Big on Child Welfare, Justice, Education

    A few youth-serving organizations will never be the same once Blue Meridian Partners, a group of ten major grant makers in the United States, announces the recipients of its big bet gambit for kids.