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Clearinghouse OKs Five More Programs for Family First Act

The federal Prevention Services Clearinghouse has cleared five new service models for funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act, bringing the current number of options up to 34.

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Federal Children’s Bureau OK’s Oregon’s Foster Care Prevention Plan

Oregon this week became the 12th state to win federal approval for a plan to prevent children from falling into foster care.

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Pork Is Back

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It has received very little attention, even in the Beltway news sources, but Congress has given itself the power to issue earmarks again for the fiscal 2022 budget year.

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Family First Act’s Standards Are Not Culturally Inclusive

Child welfare philanthropic and policy organizations across the country have started to make investments to address racial disparity and disproportionality. Some of these investments include disaggregating data by race, policy and practice reviews, and community engagement.

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State Watchdog Says Nebraska Should Break Contract for Case Management


Nebraska’s Foster Care Prevention Plan Approved by Feds

Nebraska is about to greatly enhance its prevention aimed at building up families and curbing the state’s use of foster care. The state announced last week that the federal government has approved its plan to implement the Family First Prevention Services Act, a move that will allow Nebraska to tap into more money and services for families and children.

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Clearinghouse Abruptly Downgrades Family Centered Treatment

In December 2019, supporters of the Family Centered Treatment (FCT) model received the news so many child welfare programs are hoping for these days: it was approved for federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act.

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    Two New States Win Federal Approval of Family Preservation Plans

    Two more states have joined the roster of states that can now use the federal child welfare entitlement to support services for families whose kids might otherwise be taken away and fall into the foster care system.

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    Washington State Gets Federal OK on Foster Care Prevention Plan

    The U.S. Children’s Bureau on Friday greenlighted Washington state’s plan to spend federal funds to provide services to families whose children might otherwise be taken away and placed in foster care.

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    Key to Family First Act Success: Building Community Trust

    Paul DiLorenzo
    Several years ago, I attended a Jesuit Leadership institute. The trainer shared a quote that I found relevant to my work at Casey Family Programs with public child welfare agencies and community-based primary prevention programs.