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The Fed Is Providing the Real Forecast for What Child Welfare Needs To Do

Why should child welfare agencies that are anxious to take advantage of the primary prevention opportunities within the Family First Prevention Services Act be interested in what the Federal Reserve has to say?



Family First Act: Why Outcomes Oriented Contracting Should Be Part of The Plan

In 2018, Congress passed one of the most substantial changes in U.S. child welfare policy in decades. The Family First Prevention Services Act provides states with the opportunity to access federal dollars to prevent children from coming into foster care.


Expand the Scope of Family First Act, and Its Clearinghouse

The Family First Prevention Services Act monetarily incentivizes child welfare agencies to invest in programs that prevent foster care placements. It constitutes the largest commitment to that effort in the history of federal funding.

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Family First Clearinghouse OKs Homebuilders, Popular Family Preservation Model

Lost in the shuffle of the obvious and only news story going, the federal Prevention Services Clearinghouse has approved Homebuilders, a family preservation model with a large track record of success, for new federal funding under the Family First Prevention Services Act. 

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Clearinghouse Less Than Clear on Kinship Navigators

The newly established clearinghouse to approve Family First Act services has looked at three kinship navigators, one-stop shops set up to help kin who take in a grandchild, nephew or family friend. 


Some Welcome Federal Input on Foster Home Recruitment and Family Visitation

Two years ago this month, the Family First Prevention Services Act became law and spurred bold reforms in child welfare. By realigning federal funding, Family First is driving system changes to keep more families safely together as well as improve the quality of foster care for children and youth who cannot remain safely at home.

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Maryland Has Been Approved for Federal Foster Care Prevention Funds

Maryland has become the third child welfare system to receive approval for a plan under the Family First Prevention Services Act, allowing them to draw down federal funds for services to prevent the use of foster care in some child welfare cases.

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Trump Budget Proposes Medicaid Exception for Some Residential Care Programs

President Trump’s fiscal 2021 budget asks Congress to allow Medicaid dollars to be spent on a newly created class of residential foster care, a move that it expects to open up half a billion dollars for mental health treatment over the next decade.

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Arkansas Has Been Approved for Family First Act Funding

The U.S. Children’s Bureau has approved Arkansas’s plan under the Family First Prevention Services Act, which will enable the state to draw down federal funds for services aimed at preventing the use of foster care in certain child welfare cases.