Court Records Show COVID-19’s Psychological Toll on Puerto Rico’s Incarcerated Youth

As pandemic lockdowns dragged on, youth in lockups sought to harm themselves. A federal judge has called the situation "constitutionally unacceptable."

Transitional Foster Youth in Wisconsin May Apply for Direct COVID Relief Payments


Transitional Foster Youth in Wisconsin May Apply for Direct COVID Relief Payments

Transitional foster youth in Wisconsin could get up to $6,000 in direct payments to help them recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

More details on California relief funds for current, former foster youth


One-time Pandemic Cash Assistance Now Available to Foster Youth in New York

Sixteen long, grueling months after the pandemic upended daily life in New York, young people who were in foster care after their 14th birthday can now apply to the state for one-time direct cash assistance.


Poverty Reduction? Only if You File Taxes

On this week’s episode of The Imprint Weekly Podcast we discuss new proposals for abolishing “family policing” and creating a community-led parallel system for family support; lowered expectations on L.A. juvenile justice reform; and a surprising outcome among states that have raised the age since 2007. 



L.A. County Offers Struggling Youth First Work Experience as Economy Gears Back Up

L.A. County's Youth@Work program provides vulnerable youth ages 14 to 24 with their first paid work experience as the economy re-opens.

Juvenile defenders argue virtual court has its disadvantages


Let’s Not Stick With Remote Court Hearings After Pandemic, Juvenile Defenders Say

Virtual hearings may have been a necessary precaution for the past 14 months because of the pandemic, but a new report from the National Juvenile Defender Center says they take a toll on the legal rights of juvenile defendants and should not remain a normal practice once it’s safe to gather in court again.


    Money and Maltreatment

    On this week’s podcast we discuss the end of the federal eviction moratorium, a string of new laws aimed at protecting parents suspected of abuse or neglect in New York, and Molly Dunn joins to talk about problems with Arizona’s effort to get federal assistance to current and former foster youth. 

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    Resuming Evictions Could Land Kids in Foster Care, Experts Say

    A federal judge in Washington has struck down a national policy that prevented countless evictions during the coronavirus pandemic – a move that advocates worry could push vulnerable families and youth into homelessness, and potentially into the foster care system as well.


    Advocates Call on California to Provide Pandemic Cash Relief to Foster Youth

    In addition to growing struggles with homelessness, foster youth are concerned about the debt they'll be left with post-pandemic.