Child Trauma

Lynsey Romero struggled with her mental health due to trauma and the pandemic.


Washington Youth Struggle with Mental Health as State is Stretched to Serve Them

Poor mental health is a crisis in Washington, especially among young people. In February, Gov. Jay Inslee issued an emergency proclamation to address the issue.

Youth Voice Writing Contest finalist Samantha Villajin writes about the strength she found in community after experiencing childhood trauma.


Power in Numbers

Youth Voice Writing Contest finalist Samantha Villajin writes about the strength she found in community after experiencing childhood trauma.


Write the Truth and Show the Pain of Child Sexual Abuse

As professionals who deal with maltreatment cases in a variety of forums, we write about child sexual abuse. Our audience includes attorneys, social workers, health and education professionals, and sometimes the general public.


What We’ve Learned About The Child Brain

Dr. Damien Fair, director of the Masonic Institute of the Developing Brain at the University of Minnesota Medical School, was recently awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. Photo courtesy of the MacArthur Foundation
Since he first began studying the brain in stroke patients using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, cognitive neuroscientist Damien Fair has become a star in the field of pediatric and adolescent brain development.

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The Plans for Justice Department Pilot on Preventing Fatal Abuse and Neglect

The federal government is funding five locally conceived demonstration projects across the United States aimed at decreasing death and serious injury resulting from child abuse and neglect. This week, the plans for those test sites were revealed, with several focused on promoting safe sleep for infants or community collaborations on prevention.


California Goes After License of Dr. Patrick Clyne, Pediatrician Long Suspected of Child Abuse

The state of California has taken its first formal action to end the medical career of Santa Clara County’s former chief pediatrician for children in foster care, 20 years after allegations surfaced that he had sexually abused boys living in his home and patients as young as 6 years old.

Assembly member Andrew Hevesi trauma


Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi Zeroes in on Preventing Childhood Trauma

Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is shifting his focus towards preventing early trauma that can compound into a multitude of lifelong problems.


The World’s Children Have a Lot Riding on Biden

The world watched with eager anticipation as power transitioned last week to President Joe Biden. The paths, priorities and policies he chooses will impact not just Americans, but citizens everywhere. Arguably, they will be felt most of all by our planet’s children.

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Number of Child Abuse and Neglect Victims Reached Record Low in 2019

As America headed into the coronavirus pandemic, the number of children who were confirmed to have been victims of abuse or neglect fell to its lowest point in a long time, perhaps more than two decades, according to the annual report released today by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).