Child Trauma


Texas Lawmaker Wants to Require Trauma Training for Attorneys, Judges
State Rep. Ray Lopez (D). Photo courtesy of Texas State Directory

Tara Hutton remembers how the little girl she had been fostering for a year began acting out on the day a new social worker came to their house in Magnolia, Texas.


Falling Isn’t Failing: Skateboarding Program Teaches Arizona Kids How to Thrive
Joe Dunnigan, founder of +swappow PLUS Foundation, helps a youth learn to skate. Photo courtesy of Michael Shapiro.

“I’ve never seen so many foster kids in one place smiling. What are you doing?”


We Can Reduce Childhood Toxic Stress without ACEs Screening

In a recent article in The Imprint, Karen de Sá and Nadra Nittle reviewed arguments for and against universal pediatric screening for adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, in California. They noted that California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris, who has led the push for this plan, recognizes the serious concerns of critics but does not hear alternative proposals from them that might achieve her important goal of reducing toxic stress among children.


During the Pandemic, Children of Incarcerated Parents Struggle To Be Seen
As the crippling coronavirus shutdown heads into its seventh month, children of incarcerated parents remain even more isolated from their loved ones behind bars – a still largely invisible population under special strain during COVID-19.


Georgia Dissolves Child Abuse and Neglect Registry

Georgia will no longer maintain its child abuse registry, which launched four years ago to help investigators quickly identify and locate substantiated cases and keep tabs on the scale of the problem. 



Painful Questions
California is rolling out widespread screening for adverse childhood experiences. Critics question the science, and the consequences, behind that plan.


The Pandemic Reawakened My PTSD
  I’d gotten my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) under control. Then the coronavirus disrupted my routine, and my flashbacks came storming back. But I’m working hard to keep it together with the help of therapy, a new at-home routine, writing and my partner Taiquan.
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For Foster Youth, Coronavirus Piles Grief Upon Grief

The siblings – a teen and a pre-teen – waited for good news that never came. Their mother was sick, and doctors suspected it was COVID-19, the potentially deadly disease barreling through New York. 


Outrage Over Looting Misses Point, Young People in Los Angeles Say

Eight years after her 14-year-old cousin was shot and killed by law enforcement during a mental health crisis, Los Angeles youth activist E.V. is closely watching the protests against police brutality that have now gripped every major American city.