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The Plans for Justice Department Pilot on Preventing Fatal Abuse and Neglect

The federal government is funding five locally conceived demonstration projects across the United States aimed at decreasing death and serious injury resulting from child abuse and neglect. This week, the plans for those test sites were revealed, with several focused on promoting safe sleep for infants or community collaborations on prevention.


California Goes After License of Dr. Patrick Clyne, Pediatrician Long Suspected of Child Abuse

The state of California has taken its first formal action to end the medical career of Santa Clara County’s former chief pediatrician for children in foster care, 20 years after allegations surfaced that he had sexually abused boys living in his home and patients as young as 6 years old.

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Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi Zeroes in on Preventing Childhood Trauma
Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi is shifting his focus towards preventing early trauma that can compound into a multitude of lifelong problems.


The World’s Children Have a Lot Riding on Biden

The world watched with eager anticipation as power transitioned last week to President Joe Biden. The paths, priorities and policies he chooses will impact not just Americans, but citizens everywhere. Arguably, they will be felt most of all by our planet’s children.

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Number of Child Abuse and Neglect Victims Reached Record Low in 2019

As America headed into the coronavirus pandemic, the number of children who were confirmed to have been victims of abuse or neglect fell to its lowest point in a long time, perhaps more than two decades, according to the annual report released today by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). 


Texas Lawmaker Wants to Require Trauma Training for Attorneys, Judges
State Rep. Ray Lopez (D). Photo courtesy of Texas State Directory

Tara Hutton remembers how the little girl she had been fostering for a year began acting out on the day a new social worker came to their house in Magnolia, Texas.


Falling Isn’t Failing: Skateboarding Program Teaches Arizona Kids How to Thrive
Joe Dunnigan, founder of +swappow PLUS Foundation, helps a youth learn to skate. Photo courtesy of Michael Shapiro.

“I’ve never seen so many foster kids in one place smiling. What are you doing?”


We Can Reduce Childhood Toxic Stress without ACEs Screening

In a recent article in The Imprint, Karen de Sá and Nadra Nittle reviewed arguments for and against universal pediatric screening for adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, in California. They noted that California Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris, who has led the push for this plan, recognizes the serious concerns of critics but does not hear alternative proposals from them that might achieve her important goal of reducing toxic stress among children.


During the Pandemic, Children of Incarcerated Parents Struggle To Be Seen
As the crippling coronavirus shutdown heads into its seventh month, children of incarcerated parents remain even more isolated from their loved ones behind bars – a still largely invisible population under special strain during COVID-19.