Child Trauma


Road Atlas: Women Healing Trauma in the Nomad West

A personal essay on the ways women in the nomadic van life community are learning to heal complex trauma.


A Lonely Child Finds His Way Out of Abuse and Homelessness, It Lands Him Behind Bars

First in a three-part series on a teenager with a tumultuous childhood sent to die in prison, and where his life would lead.


Casey Family Programs Announces 2023 Excellence for Children Awardees

Philanthropic giant Casey Family Programs announced today the recipients of its annual Excellence for Children awards. 

Buffalo Students Voice Concerns Over Suspensions in a Restorative Justice Circle


Top Stories of 2022: New Approaches and Second Chances

In 2022, The Imprint covered innovative community approaches to curbing youth violence, from California to New York.

The True Face of Residential Facilities' Failures


The True Face of Big Residential’s Failures

There are many tragic outcomes from residential care that go overlooked if a death or a celebrity aren't involved, writes Dawn Post.

Healing Provided on a Texas Ranch for Men and Boys Who Have Survived Sex Trafficking


Healing Provided on a Texas Ranch for Men and Boys Who Have Survived Sex Trafficking

In Texas, a novel residential program provides young men who have survived sex trafficking with health care, legal help and animal therapy.

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    No More Loveless Households

    After enduring abuse and neglect until the age of 16, Sky Lea Ross writes that nobody should have to wait so long to find a loving parent.

    Foster Care Abused Me Because of My Autism


    I Was Treated as a Problem in Foster Care Because of my Autism

    Nobody knew how to care for a teenager with autism. Instead of trying to communicate with me, I was just labeled a problem, writes Nia Dyer.

    How to Break Past Trauma of Foster Care


    How to Break Past Trauma

    A world without foster care would not have so many children growing up with self-doubt like myself, writes Ashley Calderon.