Altman Foundation, Grants 2013

Altman Foundation
New York, NY

2013 Education Grant Recipients:

Grant Recipients are located in the New York City area unless otherwise indicated.

Barnard College , $50,000 (over fourteen months) to help support the academic success and persistence of students from underserved communities at particularly vulnerable stages in the academic pipeline and in fields in which they are traditionally underrepresented.

Breakthrough New York, $50,000, divided as follows: $35,000 to help support Breakthrough New York’s college access programming and $15,000 to help support strategic planning.

Harlem Academy, $120,000 (over two years), to provide general support for this academically rigorous independent school.

iMentor, $100,000, to match the third year of a Social Innovation Fund grant and support the continued expansion of the College Transition program (formerly College Success) in NYC and a six-year independent evaluation of iMentor’s impact on college readiness.

The New York-Presbyterian Hospital, $50,000, to help support the Lang Youth Medical Program.

Prep for Prep, $175,000 (over two years), to help build the capacity of Prep’s Alumni Affairs office to serve and draw upon the growing body of Prep graduates.

Regis High School, $50,000, as a final grant to help support REACH’s comprehensive recruiting and admissions program.

Student/Sponsor Partnership, $50,000, to help support the School Coordinators at SSP partner schools.

Summer on the Hill, $35,000, to provide academic enrichment and counseling for promising underserved students from Manhattan and the Bronx.

The Urban Dove, $50,000, to renew support for the College All-Stars program.

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