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Maine Plan for Keeping Families Intact Wins Federal Approval


Maine Lawmakers Vote to Close Youth Prison

Maine lawmakers voted narrowly to close the state’s only juvenile prison, but it’s not clear the governor, a former prosecutor, will let it happen.


Immersive Digital Art Project Brings Viewers Into the World – and Cells – of Kids in Prison

#NoKidsInPrison launched a multimedia tool designed to immerse viewers in the youth prison system and build support for its demise.


Report: Plan to Expand California Youth Prisons Needs Tinkering

A report by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office raised some doubts about Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to see more older youth and young adults served in the state youth prison system administered by the Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).

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Lessons for Advocates from Youth First Poll on Juvenile Justice

Last week, we mentioned a new poll on Americans’ attitudes about juvenile justice, released by the Youth First Initiative as part of its official grand opening of sorts. We called it a “great resource for reform-minded juvenile justice advocates,” and that is true.

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Youth First Initiative Makes Itself Known

Youth Services Insider received a recent press release noting that March 3 was the launch of a new campaign called Youth First, an organization led by Liz Ryan that will focus on the closure of big and/or old youth prisons.

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Live from NPJS: Day Four of Juvenile Justice Conference Week

Greetings from the Iron City! As Youth Services Insider and other attendees of the National Partnership for Juvenile Services Symposium head out of town, Steelers and Ravens fans are pouring in for tonight’s game.